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It's almost 1am and the temp is 83 with a 'feels like' heat index of 93...


Has anyone seen this video from the weather channel about the future HERE?......yikes!

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Almost 11:30 in PHX, and 96 degrees........we will be having "above average" temps for the next two weeks.

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We are expecting a hot week in NJ. I am dreading it. I can't wait until fall! Take it easy everyone.

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Kind of funnythat yesterday due to a rainy system in my area that we were cooler at around 78º than back in CNY where it was 82º. I wore my new leather-like culottes with a sleeveless top and was quite comfortable. 

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Gonna be 97 here in the northern part of Tx. Nights drops to 70's though. We have high electric rates so we're anticipating a elect bill next week of at least 300 and that would be a bargain.

Gas, in the winter is good though, but, they stick it to you in the summer for electricity. Our highest bill was over 500 that's when we had to make drastic cuts elect. on 12noon to 8p.m. sleep with fans on and wait till the next day at noon for a/c almost halfed the bill when we did that.





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I'm in Alabama where miserably hot is our normal this time of year, but this year has been even worse than usual.  One day last week we had a high of 89 and everyone was talking about how pleasant it was outside!  We've been in the 90s most of the time for the last several weeks and August is always our hottest month of the year!  I'm not looking forward to that...................

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Hot and humid here also!!!!90's today



Tuesday 100 or more!!

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Sitting in my patio room typing this:


82° and 85%


Not a probllem for me. Body is acclimated tp heat after 30+ years working in hotter and worse environment. Did years of running after work in weather temps and humidity worse.


Most bodies can acclimate to weather if healthy, along with understanding the physiology of the human body. This along with being able to hear what one's body is saying to them. That comes with time and acclimation.

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Yep, hot here, too. The 9 day forecast is all 100. At least the humidity has calmed down some and it no longer feels like a sauna whenever I open my front door or leave the office.