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Sincerely I thank you for these pictures and touching moments.


All those animals were hero's with hero's.


This was a tribute to hero's who are not thought of as such.


Thank you



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@feline groovy  Thank you for the pictures and the stories.  The dogs were true heroes and there is not enough recognition of them.

The next time that I hear salt and ice together, it better be in a margarita!
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@Tessa Mendoza I remember that birthday party too. I was shocked to learn a 9/11 rescue dog was still alive and I was so happy to see all the birthday festivities. I also remember the honors she got on her final journey to and from the vet's. She lived a long time for a golden who had so much stress and was exposed to all the toxicity of that debris.

All these dogs were so wonderful. 🐾
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@feline groovy  OMG! I had to stop crying before I could respond to your post. Thank you for posting this. It shows that not all heroes walk upright. What amazing dogs!