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First of all, I have a great video of PapaWick raising his hand up and down, and one of the deer following it, bobbing her head.  I tried to post but can't figure out how.  Sorry.










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@MamaWick - your pics always bring a smile - just love looking at them.

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The gangs all there and ready for the weekend!  Thanks for sharing the photos with us. Heart

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Great group photos of the frequent visitors hanging out at MamaWick's sanctuary!!!!!!

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Mama's gurls making a stop at their animal angel's house. They know where to graze, they smile for you and we all smile back at them.

Tracy is looking good, her body seems sturdy and I believe wholeheartedly she will be fine...she has you to watch over her, you an Papa and Cricket.


Love to all in your home and out your backdoor.

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I love how these deer look right into the camera. I love looking at them. Thank you 😊 

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@MamaWick   The start of a beautfiul weekend, pictures of the deer family. How wonderful. 

Thank you as always.


Have a great weekend.  Woofs to Cricket!

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