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Re: I was just wondering . . . .

Most everything where we live is still closed and even when things start opening slowly I plan to still be very careful about going out, but I do find on the days that I wear something I like and feel good in, then my mood lifts a little. So maybe those are some of the people buying  and of course all the ones out working too. 

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Re: I was just wondering . . . .

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@buffalogal47 wrote:

@suzyQ3 Actually there are a lot of people who are absolutely terrified to go outside. And not just the frail elderly or those with health issues or compromised immune systems. It's so sad to see previously active seniors and younger adults alike who have been so terrified by the hysterical non-stop media coverage that they won't even set foot outside their homes. I see it in many of my Meals on Wheels clients. It's heartbreaking to see their general appearance and mental health decline because of their self-imposed isolation. The cure is worse than the disease.

@buffalogal47   I understand your pov although I'm not quite in total agreement.


I will say regardless of what folks are seeing in the media there is still a real fear among many folks regarding going out, especially among the elderly and compromised individuals. 


It is true that the isolation for many young people but especially the elderly, has taken a mental health toll.


This topic moves across all types of individuals and their specific situations.


I wouldn't take your post at a personal level; our perceptions are individual for each one of us and no post is directed at anyone in particular.


You made some valid points and I agree that it is heart-breaking for many.

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Re: I was just wondering . . . .

I don't buy as much as I did before the pandemic, but I do buy some clothing and makeup because I expect to wear them when things start to get back to normal...whenever that will be. 

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Re: I was just wondering . . . .

There are many areas in the country that have been open for a long time.  I remember when my daughter went to visit her friend in Georgia in the summer. No one worse masks and restaurants and arcades were wide open, a shocking contrast to the closures by us.


So many people have been out and about, going places, buying clothes, makeup, etc.  They may not be able to go overseas or take a cruise but they are still vacationing and going on with their lives.


My husband, kids and I had Covid.  I thought I was the only one.  Since then I've had many people confide that they had it too just didn't tell anyone because it was mild.


I understand why many are frightened.  But I do think the news cycle sensationalizes the worst and instills a level of fear that is unfortunate.


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Re: I was just wondering . . . .

I haven't been buying clothes. I do still wear a face full of MU daily...once in a while I will skip a day...but I feel better if I look MU is still in my routine.


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Re: I was just wondering . . . .

I expected to do a lot less over the winter months.  It's mostly shopping for groceries, the local farm market & Costco. 


I still get my hair & nails done regularly though I haven't eaten at a restaurant indoors.  I ate outdoors often when the weather was warmer and expect to do so once it warms up again.


I still wear makeup and do may hair even if I'm not going anywhere because I do it for me.


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Re: I was just wondering . . . .

GURL..You GO GURL ! ! !  Totally with you.  Maintain that lifestyle.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise ! ! !

@meowingkitty wrote:

We go out at least weekly (sometimes more often) to indoor dining. We get our hair cut monthly, we've been to the movies, We go shopping at Costco, Walmart, groceries, Target etc. I go to the gym also. We do seem to go out a bit less often but we are still going out and about. No problems. I'm not staying home to vegetate. 


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Re: I was just wondering . . . .

I live in upper, lower peninsula of Michigan. I still go out! Geesh who's staying home?? I still support our local shops. Great sales on clothing! We still go to restaurants since they are all getting the outdoor "pods" to dine in. Why not? I'm looking forward to our annual Mackinac Island trip this coming Summer! Life doesn't have to stall unless you let it. Woman Frustrated

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Re: I was just wondering . . . .

Such a nice person you are ! ! ! ! ! ! !

@suzyQ3 wrote:


With probably some necessary exceptions, none of us are "hiding," a word that has a negative meaning in this context. I personally am not obsessing about dying and don't anyone who is.


And FYI to to the poster who calls everybody "gurl," if you can walk, you can exercise. My pup and I do a fairly fast 3 miles a day in our neighborhood. I've always preferred that to a gym, but to each his own.


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Re: I was just wondering . . . .

Those of us who are sheltering based on medical advice, do not appreciate being told we are being silly (at best).  


We are your mothers and grandmas.