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Had a bunch of stuff to do this morning, then a webinar at 1:30 - just around to eating lunch.  (Good lecture on religious art.)


My only leftovers  (really good chili) had meat (It's Friday and I don't eat meat on Friday) - so looked through the fridge to see what I could put together.


Spinach wrap - with American cheese - rolled up an nuked for 30 seconds. 


Side of Mango Salsa for dipping,  (I use salsa in place of ketchup.)


Doritos and guac


Applesauce for dessert  (always must  have dessert)


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@ALRATIBA  I also do not eat meat on Friday, so lunch was popcorn.  Dinner will be cod, mac and cheese, and salad.

The next time that I hear salt and ice together, it better be in a margarita!
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For supper,, I'm think I"m going to put together a "cabbage soup" with some white beans and couscous.



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Re: Tasty Late Lunch

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Meat I ditched back in the mid '70's, and lunch?  My eating regimen doesn't have a specific name, or a time of the day. Been grazing for decades now, and it makes sense for me and my lifestyle. 


Can relate, but in a much different way. I think we both can use the word "improvise", you with food, myself primarily with exercise an other things that come up.


Think I'll go grab me a big glass of milk and call it my liquid energization.




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Sister!!  Apple sauce is not dessert!  Ice cream, now that's a dessert. Smiley Very Happy

-- pro-aging --

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I only eat twice a day, plus sometimes a light snack. Just had a Thuman’s lower sodium ham sandwich on 647 multigrain bread, with Hellman’s canola oil mayonnaise, and Borden’s fat free cheese 😋....Then won’t have anything the rest of the day, except for water, and then eat dinner around 5:30.
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I eat three balanced meals daily-- I think it is very important. B is @8:00, L is @12:00, and dinner is @4:00.