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Ollie's as for this weekend has the distillery made hand sanitizer in 32 oz bottle for $9.99.
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Re: I scored hand sanitizer

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@Moonlady wrote:
With a limit of 3, I can see why it wouldn't stay on the shelf.

As with many limited items, shoppers have been enlisting their "shopping buddies" to each grab the max, too. For a couple, there go six.

Stores need to consider that when setting purchase limits.



Some people are shopping for family members that can't go to a store or sharing with family members that can't find the item.  It helps keep store crowds lower.

Also a family of  2, 3, or  4 has to be considered.   3  is really not excessive or hoarding.


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@Pearlee Actually I asked when checking out and was told it was behind the counter.  The guy that checked me out also went on to tell me that a truck would be delivering on Tuesday.

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@noodleann wrote:

LOL, I was in the supermarket and there was a barrel full of hand sanitizer in the front of the store. It was full. I saw three people pass it by. I didn't see anyone stop and take one. Toilet paper is still a hot commodity, but sanitizer, no. Haven't used it once since this began. It's nasty stuff and terrible for your skin. Wash your hands.



I wanted it for when I get back in the car from getting grocery' or whatever so I could sanitize my hands before getting home. That way, I can get rid of any germs that might have been on the many items I have touched. Then after putting the items away I wash my hands with soap and water.

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the alcohol dries out your hands super fast..I hate how it feels and have to put hand cream on all the time
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Handsanitzer, TP, and bleach available at Aldi today.  Limits of 2 on the TP and bleach, but lots of it.  Limit of 1 on handsanitizer.  It was .99 for an 8 oz pump bottle, generic brand "Source". 

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Zoya (nail polish) is making hand sanitizer (@65% alcohol) so I purchased a couple of bottles of the pump, the spray and also purse size ones. 


Can't leave them in the car because of heat, so I'll probably carry the big spray bottles just to keep my gloves clean when I'm out. 


I just feel like everyone is wearing gloves, but they are all filthy or contaminated.  Including mine.  I try to keep my gloves as clean as possible when I'm out.

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Re: I scored hand sanitizer

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@Annabellethecat66 wrote:

I have a friend who works at a local pharmacy.


I asked her to be on the lookout for hand sanitizer for me.  She pulled some off of the shelf and saved them for me and my family (not hoarding).


I called her Thursday and she said she get deliveries in on Tuesday.  I told her my daughter couldn't find any toilet paper and I've been sending her some I had.


She said she'd pull some off of the shelf for me.  I got the call last night from her and she has some toilet paper for me.


I've always found if you are kind and do kind things (I'm helping pay for her to bring her mom here from another country) people do help you back when they can.


She was so excited that she had a chance to help me.


On Monday I sent my daughter 4 rolls of toilet paper, 1 magazine, 1 hand sanitizer and it cost me (are you ready....$30 and change).  Yep, I have the bill right here.  That's some expensive toilet paper.  7 day delivery would have been $25 something.

@Annabellethecat66 unfortunately I know of no one who works at a pharmacy or other store for that matter who would do me extra favors for allowing me to help her or him bring their dear mother to the u.s.  


I would if the situation arose but I think your situation is one in a million. Smiley Very Happy 


Great story though!


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@germanshepherdlove  Well, I still haven't seen my friend at the pharmacy (who's riding around with toilet paper in her car).


I fell backwards.  It will be 2 weeks this Tuesday.


I haven't driven since then.  I can barely move.  I have back problems to start with and to have fallen directly on the same part of my back was unbelievable!


The part of back right above where the waist bends hit the round part of the stair.  I am a chunky monkey so I hit with a lot of force.  On the next step I hit the back of my head (giving me one heck of a goose egg).

It knocked the wind out of me my friend said (I don't remember....only the crazy pain).


She had to pull me up front way.  Talk about pain!  I live with a lot of pain every day but this is crazy pain.


The Dr said she thinks one or more vertebra's are broken.  I've already broken 3 before when I was 18....I don't think these are broken just bruised.


It's interesting how a person can learn to live with a lot of pain when there's no choice.


I'm sorry to go all bla bla but I feel like a hermit being stuck in the house so long.  I haven't been on here very much because sitting up hurts.



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Re: I scored hand sanitizer

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@Annabellethecat66 I am so sorry to hear this.  Wishing you the best and that you are able to get around again with minimal, preferably no pain.  Again so sorry to hear dear sweet community forum poster Annabellethecat.  Heart