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Our neighborhood, which is made up of a large circle of 100 homes, is having a meet and greet with our local state senator on Saturday.  In today's announcement, one of the neighbors has invited the neighborhood to her home for a private concert.  The invitation says to bring your own chair, refreshments will be available for purchase, and please bring tip money.  Is there something wrong with me?  I do not have plans to attend her "concert" but I have never heard of something like this.  Is this a new thing?  Am I just too old and clueless?

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That sounds ridiculous.  I could see bringing your own chair but that's about it.  You have to pay for the food and tip, for what? Usually, when you are invited to something, you are the guest and the host is the one providing the stuff.  Sounds weird to me. 

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I have no idea as I don't live in that type of neighborhood. Of the seven houses I can see from mine (as it is very woodsy here) I only know one neighbor and have never been in her home. We have lived here almost 40 years. Everyone minds their own business and that's the way we like it. To answer your post, I agree with you and would not go.

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nope the hostess is clueless


if you can't afford to host an event scale down or don't



at least you got a heads up, I can't imagine showing up to such an event 

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Sounds like she may need having something like a food truck available for you to purchase  resreshments.  Our city has concerts in the park and these trucks every couple weeks.

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So the senator is a musician and is planning to perform for the gathering?  Sounds like a fundraiser to me.

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It sound like it is a fund raiser for the senator. 

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I have never heard of this type of get together.  I can understand it all except for the tip money.  I am wondering who is to be tipped.  Possibly the musicians that will be performing or if there are wait staff serving refreshments????


I would probably not attend unless I was a friend of this neighbor.  

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It sounds like she is having this shindig catered, so tips are for the caterers.  If this were a fundraiser, it should have been spelled out.  Personally I'd stay home.  

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Since it seems to be related to the meet and greet with the state senator, I would guess this concert format  is a subtly presented fund raiser. To keep her own expenses down,  the host will provide refreshments at a modest price to those who attend. She certainly wouldn't have seats for those who come, so instead of renting chairs she expects you to bring your own. The music entertainment may be "donated" by the talent or they will receive a token amount. 

But no one is making money out of lemonade and tea sandwiches. If you decide to show up, besides your own chair, you're expected to bring your checkbook and a pen. 

You might wonder why they would be so subtle about a fund raiser for a politician. There may be some legal reason like needing a permit for a large gathering on private property for political functions. There may be a reason not as obvious. But it is very unlikely this invite is just a concert for 100 neighbors dragging chairs over to someone's lawn. It's related to the meet and greet, it's political, and its purpose is to raise money. It's not just a friendly neighborhood social thing.


They can't demand you contribute and you can attend just to be entertained by the music, but you may be urged or expected to contribute a substantial amount so decide to go or not on that basis rather than be embarrassed by not having a donation amount in mind. 

It's not a thing happening everywhere every day, but it's not that hard to see what it's about once you mentioned the meet and greet for a political figure. I don't think you're clueless, but perhaps naive.