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@SXMGirl  Yes she did.  I quoted exactly what she fonted.

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@Mz iMac wrote:

@SXMGirl  Yes she did.  I quoted exactly what she fonted.

"In a private home"? @Mz iMac. You may be right. @SXMGirl can verify. It just sounded as if it would take place outside.

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I'm confused!  Are both events on the same day?  You mentioned an announcement and an invitation so was the announcement for both events which would indicate to me they are linked or was the invitation sent to all households?  Doesn't sound clear to me.  If I knew the neighbor I would ask for clarification and was an RSVP requested?  If it's a fund raiser it's a pretty cheesy one.  Not enough information for me. 


But if it's a neighborhood block party it's an easy way to throw one so everyone doesn't have to bring food and deal with all that entails.  as @Mz iMac mentioned upwards of 400 hundred could show up including lots of kids. It all sounds crazy to me.

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Just to clarify somewhat as I only know what was in today's bulletin from our neighborhood secretary.


As far as I know, there is no connection between the "meet the new board members" and the singer.  I am thinking that the neighbor who sings decided to have her get-together because of the other festivities and it would be in the neighborhood announcement.  That way, she doesn't need to do an invite to each home.


I would expect that her gathering would be outside, because she has one of the smaller homes, but I really do not know.  It was not specified.  It might be inside and outside so that there is enough room depending on the number of attendees.  I have no idea where she will sing.  


The only reason that I posted was that I have never heard of someone deciding to open their home to the entire neighborhood and then charge for food and ask for tips for the singer, especially since the singer lives in the home.  Maybe this is how things are done today and I am just too self-absorbed that I have missed this.  I have been at block parties where everyone participates, but this is not the same thing.

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