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I am not going to hate on a season that lasts many months where I live. But I do like winter (ok, not the ice)- I actually prefer winter's refreshing coolness to a hot, humid summer!  

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Ditto. Moved back home to Ohio after 20 years in the southern sunshine, and both hubby and I are freezing. We have plenty of sandals, shorts & tees but few winter clothes. My house is cold because all the heat goes up to the darn vaulted ceiling, my skin is dry and cracked, my hair looks like it's been in a light socket. Even though we're older and beginning to need family help, right now I'd sell my soul to be back in Florida's warm sunshine. 

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Another winter-hater here. The good news is days are officially starting to get a little longer from here on out and we're only about a month away from each day getting a little warmer (on average.) Around here the average temperature bottoms out on January 21st and then starts the long slow climb until the temperatures peak around July 21st. No matter how cold it gets after January 21st, I comfort myself by knowing it's past the peak coldness and we're on the warming-up part of the calendar. It may not feel like it's warming up, but the average temperatures do start to rise about then. 

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The most I do in the winter is plow my driveway and sidewalk. The best thing about winter is that I'm retired and don't have think about driving to/from work in it.


It's -11 degrees here right now. It's supposed to be at least this cold but with high winds and a wind chill of -45 starting tomorrow and through Friday.  Meteorologists are freaking out about a blizzard due to arrive tomorrow afternoon. 


My biggest concern is my 90 yr old dad might need help. Yesterday, I bought him lots of groceries and made sure he had enough medication so he should be set that way.



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I guess I'm in the minority here.  I enjoy winter, the cool breathable air much more over hot, humid, sticky summer.  I would much rather have snow than deal with blistering heat and humidity.  

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WEll, one good thing about winters here, there's no ice floats, or polar bears, right? LOL

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In my old age I'm not a fan of extremes.  I don't like 90 degrees and rain forest humidity in the summer nor do I like 3 degrees with a wind chill.


I'm retired and don't have to go out in snow and ice but I worry about my kids driving in it.


Right now I only hate winter due to the insane price of home heating oil.

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I love winter -- truly love it!


I even chose a college 35 miles west of Buffalo, NY -- partly because of the weather. 


Don't get me wrong, I don't like the dangers of driving in it at all.  But given the ability to walk around in it, take gorgeous photos of the transformed trees  -- yes, it's for me. Then, stay inside with a good fire in warm, soft clothes. 


Sadly, I've lived in the mid-Atlantic area for the past 25 years, and a good snow or even very cold weather is a hit or miss lately.


I like living in all four seasons, but my absolute least favorite is summer.  I could do without the humidity, bugs, and stinging sun on my skin.  I just want to stay inside in air conditioning all season. 

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The worst part of winter is fuel bill,ice ,power outages.

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I don't think I would mind winter if it wasn't so darn dark and dreary all the time.  I like to see the snow on a bright, sunny day, but this darkness really gets to me.