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@1Snickers  I need one of those grabber things for the supermarket too!

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I remember when I was 5'4".  Now I'm 5' 1.5".  I was shocked when I learned that.  Yes, everything's harder to reach.

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@PA Mom-mom   Me too!  I was always a whopping 5' 3".  At least an inch disappeared.


Heaven help me if I get a coughing or laughing fit.


I might add that the couple of hairs that sprouted now and then on my chin have become a forest.  Tweezers are my best friend.  I swear I am part Chia Pet.

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@PA Mom-mom 


Never gave it a thought, even though I've lost about .75 of an inch. For me at 5'8" was never tall, so 5'.7.25" doesn't effect me much. Guess I never noticed things I used to reach flat footed, that I now have to stand on my toes to reach.


As you say, there are other more inconvenient things that age does to many.



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I have lost an inch but am staying at that since I have been treated for osteoporosis.  Not too bad for 76, I guess.  However, years ago someone told me “getting old was not for sissies.”  How true.

Now my “little brother,” son of the same two parents, has told me he has shrunk an inch.  Yes, down to six-four from six-five.

I went from five-three to five-two.  I wish my weight would shrink.

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It is a shock the first time, then just one more thing to absorb.  Not fun.  Maybe I could grow and surprise them.

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I never used those top shelves in cabinets.  I can only reach the first two and even the second shelf is a "stretch" - ha, no pun intended.


What always got to me would be shopping for clothes-trying to reach up at that rack.  Why oh why did they put the shorter and/or smaller sizes on the high rack like that? 


Online shopping easier.

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Re: I Hate Shrinking!

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I really notice throwing the towel over the shower rod.   


Have to laugh, has the upper/downer inches, gone sideways now likedL a smashed cupcake?  LOL

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I'm getting shorter and my feet are getting biggerWoman LOL

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I am five feet tall.  I have and always will need something to reach the higher places.  

As far a shrinking.  Wish I could shrink.  Gained too much weight.  LOL