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Thank you to everyone for the prayers and kind words, I really appreciate it. Even though I have never met any of you, I know the names and feel like this is a safe place.

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ps. Of course, sending prayers your mom many times I thought "this is it" with my mom and she rallied...wishing the same for you!

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@jordan2    My heart goes out to you.  Yes, I know this is such a hard thing to go through.  Be there for your mom.  She will know you're there and doing everything you can. 

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You have been a wonderful caregiver for your DM and will continue to be even though her residence has changed.  Let them take care of her while you are with her and maybe some of that stress will be replaced with warm memories that you can share with her.  Enjoy the time you have with her.  I wish you and your mom the very best in the days ahead.  Keep this thread updated as you feel like it.  Prayers.

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@jordan2   I am so sorry to read that you and you Mom are going through this. I do understand as I encounted very similar situations when caring for my parents. 


I will keep you and your Mom in my prayers. Sending you big supportive HUGS.

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I am sorry to hear your mom is not doing well. You and your family are in my prayers.

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Re: I Can't Stop Crying

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Please take care of yourself.  You can’t be there for your Mom if

you are not taking care of yourself.  My dad will be 93 in March, I am his only living child, and with my DH, his primary caretaker.  So glad you have your sister to be with you, it is a blessing.


Sending you and your Mom wishes for the best, and hoping for

Light and Peace to guide you all.



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This is almost my exact story except mom is 94. It was one heck of a year, with 3 surgeries and a major infection. Mom recovered physically, kind of, but it took a tole  mentally. She is now in assisted living and has poor recall. I wish a better outcome for you. Hugs.

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@jordan2 My heart goes out to you.  Sounds like you are a devoted and loving daughter.  Your sweet Mom knows how much you love her and what great care you've given her through the years.  Take each day you have with her and live it....don't worry about tomorrow.  

Many of us have been through some version of what you are dealing with.  It's never easy....but love gets us through, and will keep you connected to your Mom forever.  🌷

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Just want you to know that YOU, YOUR MOM & FAMILY we be in my thoughts and prayers.  She know how much you love and care.....I have been where you are...not easy but believe me, she knows how you feel !!!!!!!!!   Take Care of Yourself, too !!!