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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, cool, but not a cloud in the sky, typical fall weather.

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Frost will be on the pumpkin tonight when it hits 22 in Amarillo




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Nice and chilly just how I like the 60's and in the hill country they are expecting a freeze tonight.....  of course by next week temperatures re expected to creep into low 70's possibly 80 by next Thrusday...then we will wait for another cool front..................

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The last few days were HOT in north Oxnard, CA  --- 100 degrees. Today it cooled off to the 70's - and will stay around that for the next week. Evenings 50's.Back to perfect California weather.

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64 degrees and sunny in the Seattle area.  Raked leaves until my back gave out - the trees are beautiful and there are many more leaves to come!

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38* this Saturday morning in DFW area of TX...WOW

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Snow tomorrow...

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Upper 40s in Central Florida.  Burrr!  Won't get out of the 60s tomorrow.

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Raining hard all day.  Get worse now the sun is down.  A bit of wind as well.   Central Maryland western side.

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Pouring rain (needed) and high 40's.  Virginia Piedmont.

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