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Central NY.has been cool here.  Hit 58 today, low 60s tomorrow and high of 48 on Sunday.    Nights are cold.  We had our first frost last week.  To date only the usual flocks of birds, nothing large.   We know cold weather is near when we see the flocks of geese headed south.   Heavy winds and rain the other day brought many of the leaves down.   

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Re: How's Your Weather?

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It's been warm here. Strange weather. Still using our AC.

Suppose to have our 1st freeze tomorrow night. The front will get here later tonight with a low of 34°. It will feel a lot colder since we have north winds at 36 mph right now.

Just put the flannel sheets on the bed.

I'm making a large pot of beef stew tomorrow. Yum!!!

My SIL's from Ca & Fl won't like it since they don't have cold weather like this.

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So. Ca -  98 on Monday, 98 Tuesday, 96 Wednesday, 90 today!  October is always one of our hottest months!

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Well I would love it to continue BUT my GD & son are coming for the week & you know only thing that little one wants is pool (brrrrr) and beach! Her dad will be doing a fishing expo guess who will be going to pool ME. Our pool is heated but still air cool - won't bother that little fish!!!

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This area of southern WV has been in the 40’s all week.  We are to warm up the next 2 days and get into the high 50’s, but the cool temperatures come back on Sunday, and bring snow flurries to our higher elevations.   

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Amarillo, Tx is having a freeze tonight in low 30's, but, Friday night will be

22  !!!!     Bet my young trees get brown branches.

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Hot, hot, hot in SE Arizona.  The other day Phx. broke a record reaching 100 degrees.  However, it's good sleeping weather.  It's been around 90-93.

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Live in Glendale AZ (Phoenix)  So sick of the heat!!!!!!!!! Wish we had some of the cooler weather.  This weekend finally wll be in the 80's. 

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NY/NJ here. 49 degrees, windy and a bit of rain. Leaves falling like crazy.

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Hot !  Cooled to 92 today