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Re: How many bags do you carry?

If I filled all my VB bags, I wouldn't be able to move. But they're beautiful!!!

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Re: How many bags do you carry?

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Haven't read all the replies, but the backpack could be a bug out bag. 


Many people who believe in being prepared carry a bag that has a change of clothing or maybe some extra clothing for winter storms, first aid and medicine and some food and water for a couple of days. Maybe a few other things based on how they travel (subway vs, driving themselves etc.), comfy shoes if they have to walk long distance etc. I would think that if she drives, it that would be the kind of bag to simply leave in her car, but who knows.


And it does seem strange that you are so bothered by what she chooses to surround herself with for the day.






A bug out bag?   Hmm.   I've never heard that term before.


Hmm. It is a very widely used term in the preparedness community. It is so you have several days worth of necessities should you have to evacuate suddenly in a disaster or emergency, OR should you get stuck away from home for the same reasons. 


Many people keep one packed and ready to grab, and many people keep one in the car or at work. It is great for snowstorms, wild fires, chemical spills where they evacuate people in just minutes, power outages where people get stuck in the city and can't get home because mass transit isn't running, and comes in handy during major traffic jams or other delays in getting home, or if you have to leave your car in a storm or disaster.


It is usually simply a backpack, has dry sturdy clothing and shoes for walking, bottled water, some easy to eat food, any medicines or other personal things you need (tampons, etc.) and any other smaller items a person would consider useful for their region/lifestyle or expected interruption in daily life. 


I've carried one in my car for years. Wouldn't be without it.



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Re: How many bags do you carry?




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Re: How many bags do you carry?

I carry ONE bag, and I think that looks so much nicer than carrying 3-4 bags.   I carry the vera tote, or one of the larger north south totes with a lot of compartments. 

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