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Re: How Do You See Your Life Changing in this Decade?

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I turn 70 this month so if I don't catch the virus I am sure something else will go wrong.  We never know what tomorrow or today will bring but I cannot see anything really good happening in the next ten years.  My husband is not in good shape and he might think it is still fun to travel but it is not fun for me to be with him on a trip.   The only thing he wants to do it eat out.  No real conversation either.  I don't have many family or friends left so not a lot to look forward to in that respect either.  I will be happy to see churches open and safe to go to.  





I don't see much optimism here, and you are only 70! Sad for me to read.





Just being realistic.  When young you hope to get the job you want, meet the love of your life,  a lovely home, travel the world, have a wonderful family etc. etc.  at 70 I have missed the boat on most of those things so now just treading water till.....

I am sorry @chiclet this has been a difficult time. Being a realist can have its difficulties but at least you are honest with yourself. Personally, I think our needing to stay closer to home has a lot to do with our introspection. Maybe after things start opening up again, you will have some renewed hope for the future. 

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes...

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Re: How Do You See Your Life Changing in this Decade?

In this decade I see life really changing.  I know more family will be passing away, if not myself.  Realistically, we're just at that age and I see all those I've known before, are passing away.  That's a really heavy question for me.