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@LTT1 wrote:

I live and vote in Texas.

The machines are messing ballot may have been in error.

Wisg there had been an early warning system about this!

@LTT1  The older machines may have problems; the last certification was in 2009.


However, people need to keep in mind that this was not some evil intent to "fix" a vote on either side.  Let's just get that understood.  It was the straight party ticket for BOTH sides that reported problems.


The last investigation by the secretary of state I read indicated that only about 20 people actually said their votes were changed.


If you didn't read your completed ballot before submitting, then you have no way to prove your vote was in error.  I woudn't worry at this point because it's too late now anyway.

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I THINK I checked it, but until I started reading about the issue on Monday, I didn’t know what to look for. So i am not sure that I SLOWED down and really studied it.


I agree with you...the issue can work in error both ways. The malfunctioning software has been known since 2009.

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It is too bad citizens do not vote in EVERY ELECTION.  You should make your feelings known each chance you have to vote whether it is mid-terms or a Presidential election.  There are still a lot of people in this world that do not have this precious freedom.

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We vote at our local Luthern church and in the 38 years I have been going there to vote, there has never been a wait. People like to complain about the way things are, but they won't show up to vote.