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Yes, I taught mostly 5th and 6th grades, but other grades as well for 32 years.

I was touched by your heartfelt comments.  It speaks volumes about you as a person.  Laughing at the wrong time, from a completely different source, should

be understood by your former teacher.  The very best to you in  2016!

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@Susan in California What a nice post!  You must have been a wonderful teacher!

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And to you as well @Susan in California!!  Heart  Thank you again for your post!





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If you have an address for her, I would send a note of explanation. Even though it's been years I think it's still okay. I would say it is something that has stayed with you and you just wanted to clear the air. I think she should appreciate the good word in any case. It might make her think a little about her own reactions as well. I had a problem with a neighbor once and we didn't speak after-something regarding our children. It was silly, but awkward to come back from. I blame myself for not handling things better even though I had reason to be angry. I did write a short note of apology some time later and sent it to her. I never heard anything back from her, but I did feel better having sent it. You sound like a really nice person-don't let this torment you.

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@AliJoi5 wrote:

Well said @Mominohio, thank you!! 


I have decided that, as another poster recommended (thank you @chrystaltree), I will make a donation to the HCOA.  And if I see Mrs. H again, who knows, maybe the moment will be right to make amends.  I appreciate all of your wonderful responses and thank you for taking the time to post!





I hope you do run into the teacher again and are able to apologize. I understand to a certain extent where the teacher/mother was coming from and if your laughter, even though it wasn't directed towards her daughter, changed the teacher's attitude towards you, she will still remember it. An apology for a misunderstanding will always be welcome.


I am the aunt to two profoundly deaf siblings. I know the agony of hoping that a child will fit in and never have to face being made fun of......and when it happens, it's not easily forgotten. Maybe never forgotten. An apology/explanation will definitely take a load off your shoulders and it will make her feel better too-

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Hi @daisyk - Thank you for the advice!  You did the right thing by extending an olive branch and leaving the ball in her court.  Too bad she didn't reciprocate, but I'm glad to hear the weight is off your shoulders.