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@PA Mom-mom wrote:

@SeaMaiden  Yes! Without a doubt! I've lived my life and have have raised my children and seen my grandchildren growing up. If a little Haloweener is going to kill me, so be it. I'm sick of all of this hiding.

ITA.  If I'm going to buy into this lockdown, hide, stay home, blah blah blah, I might as well quit living.  I'm not digging a hole and hiding from life.  If others choose to do so, that's fine with me, but don't teacher me and tell me what I should be doing.Woman Mad

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we have not had any trick or treaters for ten plus years now so this is a holiday i dont really celebrate anymore. maybe i will again if i have grandchildren.

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Honestly, I haven't thought that far ahead.  I guess it depends....

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It's more than 4 months away.....

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A lot can happen in 130 days. 

I agree. I'm an optimist. 

Yep. I'm not thinking Village of the Damned either, but with this virus, anything is possible.

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No. We haven't had any trick or treaters in the last few years, I am kind of glad at this point.

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I do not do the handing out of candy anyway but do relish and enjoy all of Halloween.

If I did still open my door I would continue with it this year as well.   I have changed nothing in my life with this virus that I can control myself.  For example opening or not opening my own front door without fear.

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we don't get many trick or treaters but I will put out a bowl of candy and replenish as necessary. Growing up we got pennies mostly.

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@SeaMaiden Can't imagine that a child outside your door for maybe 10 seconds or less is going to contaminate your house.  There's very little science that supports child to adult passage of the virus even when they're together indoors for hours at a time.


I can think of lots of reasons why I don't love Halloween, but I don't fear opening my door briefly to trick or treaters will make me ill.