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Kids dont trick or treat around our neighborhood....mostly middle aged residents and the few kids that live here or visit a divorced parent or visit grandparents usually go to a Halloween Party instead of going door to door.....🎃👻🦇

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It is June. I barely know what I will be doing tomorrow less alone in October. 



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Sometimes I scare myself.


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@aroc3435 wrote:

@SeaMaiden   If there IS door to door trick or treating here in DC I will participate.  I sit on a bench outside my front door with my prepared give away treat bags to hand them out.  And I dress up as a friendly good witch!  Get compliments from the kids.


Love to see the children and parents so happy and I chat with my neighbors on either side waiting for the next wave of children.



@aroc3435    That sounds wonderful!


I really enjoy reading your posts.  I recall recently one wherein you told us about your hats.


You sound like such a neat, charming lady!








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@Mersha   Thank you for the shout out.  I am a bit on the "eccentric" side to say the least.    


I love children but as a child I always liked and felt most comfortable around much older people--i.e., senior citizens (before we had that term) and yet the "dress up and fantasy thing" still comes easily to me.


I'm still on the quest for the perfect hat to wear to my son's wedding as I posted in fashion a while ago.  Etsy is my friend.  Have plenty of time for the search.  


Big, fancy, formal reception is many months off at this point but son and daughter-in-law were legally married in the District a few Friday mornings ago in about a four minute ceremony that was all done virtually.  No one attended physically--bride and groom were in their condo, JP in his, etc.


Very unreal feeling but they were happy to finally have a valid marriage after several pandemic postponements.  


My son good naturedly says they now have many more significant anniversay dates to celebrate because of this.


Still not sure what DC will do about Halloween officially.  Gotta do what is best for everyone's protection.  After so much sacrifice it would be foolish to screw things up for one evening.  All District public school children are being schooled virtually.  


We have been pretty cautious as a city and most inhabitants are adhering to the guidelines set forth by the Mayor and the council without complaint.


Hope there is some creative solution so that kids can dress up and get their treats.  If there is some kind of donation system set up to accomplish that, whether with money or actual candy, I'll participate but some decisions have to be made soon--can't believe October starts next week.  


I am going to make special super goody bags for my three grandsons and one baby granddaughter, walk over and drop them off.


To say 2020 has been the weirdest, surrreal, year doesn't begin to capture its essence.  It would make a good plot for a horror movie.  Too bad it is real rather than fictional.


2021 just has to be better.  Thanks for letting me ramble . . .


Regards and happier days ahead,


Washington, DC

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@aroc3435Congrats to your Son and his wife.  Honestly I've alwasy thought that is the way to do it.  Get the legals out of the way and then Invite everyone to the spiritual afffermation with no jitters only abundant joy and reverance of the day.  All the best to them both. 

If we have Trick or Treats around here I too will stay outside. My costume will be as a surgeon. Cap, mask, gown;  latex gloves .  A steele mixing bowl to hold the candy with tongs to dispense the goodies. 

I sure hope the kids have SOMETHING.

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@IMFat  Oh, My. That photo looks like Actor Denis Leary on a very bad day!

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If I had children they would not go out for trick or treat.I know the kids look forward to that holiday but things have changed.

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Past few years haven't had to many kids to stop by. But I will purchase a bag of candy just in case.  And if some one knocks I'll just pop on my mask and open the door.

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I love Halloween...always have. I HAD to have Martha's scary Willow Tree ( H221077  Purchased on her Halloween Show and still waiting for it to arrive. Ordered on the 16th and been sitting in Ill. for days now....C'mon Q! ) and I also found a great prop to go with it on Amazon....a big blow up black witch cauldron ( Beistle Inflatable Cauldron Coolor $16.45). It's a cooler if you want but I'm using it to stand that cool, creepy tree in if it ever gets here. This is a perfect Halloween or witch item to add to your collection. Would look great with some dry ice in it!

  Inflatable Cauldron Cooler - Party City #partycity and #halloween | Inflatable  cooler, Beistle, Party city