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I saw a news story on one of our local Tucson TV stations that said that haboobs may increase the risk of Valley Fever, since it disturbs the soil between here & Phoenix & the VF spores become airborne. 


One of my former neighbor's dog got Valley Fever & got really sick & it affected him long term, with seizures, brain lesions & abcesses in his lymph glands & other awful stuff that kept cropping up.  They had to give him meds for the rest of his life, just to keep it at bay & ultimately, ended up having him put to sleep.  She said the dog's meds cost more a month than her & her DH's meds combined, just to keep the dog going.  Bad stuff, Valley Fever....

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There is no perfect place to live.  Having lived in Phx for 50 years, I can tell you that the term 'haboob" only came into our language here just a few years ago by some new weatherman.  They are nothing more than dust storms & are over in a short period of time, usually followed by rain.  All just part of our monsoon season.  As another long time Arizonan said, no big deal!  I wouldn't live anywhere else especially after living the first part of my life in the midwest.  It's a nice place to be from but wouldn't go back.  And we smile from October till June.  :-) 

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B3F0ADB3-AC73-4C07-A88F-60C7924C2450.jpegForest fires, everywhere. Monday morning this was the local air quality situation!



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I grew up in New York, dealt with freezing temperatures, snow and ice.  Moved to California in 1965, lived there for forty years and loved every minute of it.  The last earthquake I experienced was in 1994 and I will never, never want to experience anything like that again.  Have been living in AZ, Queen Creek and now Mesa for fifteen years, hate the heat, never experienced a sand storm, thankfully.  The only time I enjoy it here is in the winter when the weather is lovely but way too short.  I still miss California but can't go back, way too expensive, traffic is mind blowing,  other factors I won't mention, and I don't want to be there when the big one hits.  So I guess we will stay here until my daughter gets wander lust again and wants to move someplace else.  She has been talking about Portland lately and if she is getting anywhere near thinking about going there, goodbye daughter, I'll write.

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Think it's spelled haboo   LOL

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One can get Valley Fever from these. Lifelong illness for some.

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the closest I have come to this is when we lived in california and santa ana winds kicked up and kicked up the dust and dirt from the fields which is nothing compared to the haboobs.


this is a wow, that i would not like to see or live thru