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@kittykatkay wrote:

@Spurt ...I love your story!!!


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I love your automated Halloween card! 

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A Happy Birthday To You!


(It’s also my father’s birthday).

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I am enjoying reading everyone's memories so much.  I agree, times have changed.  Aren't we the lucky ones to have grown up in a time where innocence, safety, love of family, friends and all kinds of gathering were just a simple way of life.


I also remember fall festivals at elementary school.  Remember bobbing for apples?


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I still have this book-the original hardcover.  My oldest sister bought it for me and she signed it in the full moon with AH's eye in an inside cover.  I miss her.


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Hello my sweet friend! What a wonderful post. I have enjoyed reading everyone's feedback. I remember bobbing for apples! What wonderful memories I have of that yearly tradition.