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Fraxel Laser - anyone ever had it?

I posted this in Beauty Banter and only got one response so thought I'd try Viewpoints.

my dermatologist suggested this to me to get rid of some sun damage/discoloration and improve the texture of my skin which has become a little rough looking (to me anyway)

Just looking for other people's experiences - good, bad, or indifferent? Anyone??

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Re: Fraxel Laser - anyone ever had it?

No not yet. dermatologist mentioned it but the cost was expensive so I passed but that was a few years ago. It might be time to treat birthday is coming would be nice to hear from anyone who has tried it.......does it help?
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Re: Fraxel Laser - anyone ever had it?

My brother has had two (three years apart) and will go for his third in November. It does make a big difference with the overall look of your face and eliminates or diminishes whatever problems are of concern to you. You and whoever will be taking care of you for the first 24-48 hrs have to be braced for what you will look like immediately following the procedure. It's alarming, to say the least, like raw meat, and difficult to think it doesn't hurt but he has told me it doesn't. The deeper the doctor goes with machine the more you will feel some discomfort though. He had acne scaring which caused him to have it done.
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Re: Fraxel Laser - anyone ever had it?

My friend had it. After several years, her dark spots returned to some degree.