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@goldensrbest wrote:

@NickNack, You can buy the sheets separately.

Thanks @goldensrbest.  I just checked again after reading Lilysmom's post and see that I can do that.  I'm going to do that.  Thanks for pointing that out.

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We use flannel sheets and I have found as others have mentioned they seem to be not as deep as regular sheets.  Really have to tug to get mine on.  Need to find a source with deeper pockets.  I put the fitted sheet on, but keep the regular cotton flat sheet until it gets really cold.  Never use the flannel pillow cases, they make my head too warm.


Have considered trying the fleece sheets, but I think they may be too warm.  May try sometime when they are on sale.

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@feline groovy wrote:

You can buy separate 100% cotton flannel sheets and pillowcases at The Company Store, Overstock, Amazon, and Ebay.  

Thanks @feline groovy.  A couple of other posters pointed out that I can buy them separately at LLBean, too.  I'm going to just order a top sheet from there.  I had forgotten about The Company Store.  They have nice quality things, too.

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I much prefer microfleece to flannel, and I've never had them pill. I never cared for flannel sheets except to use the flat one as summer blanket.


I ordered an expensive set of sheets from Garnet Hill once; flat, and fitted, pillowcases and a duvet, and all sold separately. Turns out they were all on backorder and it took almost 2 month for them all to show up.  I was furious and now when they send a catalog, I trash it right out of the mailbox.

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I don't like anything on my bed that makes me sweat and wake up overheated.  


My husband loved the polar fleece sheets I bought last year; they made me sweat.   A polar fleece top and bottom sheet are just too much for me, so I only use one or the other on the bed; neither of us liked the pillowcases.   

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@NickNack: Nothing beats the Berkshire Velvet Soft sheets sold here at the Q, imo. They're unlike any other sheet I've ever had, & I've tried them all. They are substantial, but not heavy, have a "silky" feeling to them; they're warm, but not in a stifling sort of way. Since I bought my 1st set last year, I haven't put anything else on my bed! I bought a few more this month to stock up. Just love crawling between these cozy sheets at night!!

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WE really like flannel sheets - I use them in the summer months with the AC on as they are so soft. In the winter we use QVC' Malden Mills fleece sheets (TsV this month). L.L Bean is my go to for flannels - I do not feel they shrink - you can return if they do - and Portuguese flannel is supposed to be the best and they have those. If you buy a "set" it is a little more affordable and they do have 20% off sales now and again. Love them!

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I never used flannel sheets before, but last winter I bought Cuddl Duds flannel sheets on sale from Kohl’s. Would never want them for warmer weather, but when it gets down in the 30s and 40s at night, I appreciated having them. They were neither super soft/plush nor rough. I didn’t want to spend a fortune until I knew if I’d like them. I might or might not buy another, more expensive set.

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I don't care for flannel sheets.  I feel like I'm sleeping on Velcro; too hard to move around.

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Can't use them, winter or summer.  They make me itch.

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