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I just wondered how many people here used flannel sheets in the colder months and liked them.  I have very nice cotton sheets that I use.  They're high quality, and I love them.  I've been thinking about getting some flannel sheets for winter though.


Garnet Hill is having a 30% off sale which ends today, and they have some cotton flannel sheets.  The top sheet isn't as wide, and the bottom sheet isn't as deep as the ones that I have.  However, from the description the bottom sheet should work with my mattress.  I also looked at Cuddledown, which is where I got my regular sheets.  Their flannel sheets aren't as wide or deep as what I have now either.  I haven't used flannel sheets in years but thought they might be nice this winter.  I'm interested in others' opinions.

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I love Flannel Sheets but I have found them to be smaller than non-flannel and then they shrink....useless after that. Can't stand the micro-fiber flannel sheets either as they pill and rub away where the bulk of the body weight is plus if you move your legs while you sleep, the piling is really bad (all my kids have ruined their sheets in a season because of this).


Costco sold Flannel Sheets which were nice but very thin a year later plus they faded horribly. LL Bean was my go-to but the cost...for a few months....I don't know.


I've invested in blankets and "fuzzies" as we call them (Dennis Basso throws, for example); place one down on the sheet before going to bed and you're set.

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Living in maine ,i like flannel sheets in winter, i use to buy cuddledowns sheets,but can no longer afford them ,they are nice  LLbean comes in second.

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I love and still use flannel sheets. QVC used to have a lovely large selection of them, but not anymore. They seem to prefer the polar fleece sheets nowadays. I have a set of them. To me they are just ok. I prefer the flannel sheets instead.
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I have never done flannel sheets but I will tell you I just got my first set of Polarfleece.  I really like them!  I have a bunch of sets of the VelvetLoft and I think the Polarfleece is warmer. Almost too warm right now and that NEVER happens to me.  


I think there is a TSV coming on the Polarfleece later this month.  They may be worth a  try if you are looking for warmth and something of that texture.   

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I do love flannel sheets. We had some and I enjoyed them. Until our sheets started to hold musty smells which I cannot seem to get out. 

I think our water composition changed some years back and once they mildewed, that was the end of that.

Until I get that situation figured out (DH was doing the laundry at that time❤️), my favorite will continue to be Polar fleece by Walden Mills. These are such a light weight so they dry fast and are easy to handle.

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I have one set of flannel sheets, but once I tried the fleece sheets, I was a devoted fan.

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We use flannel sheets in the winter and love them. We didn’t care for the polar fleece at all. 

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We got a set one time and didn't make it through one night with them.  They were horrible to both of us.  We go for slick, cool, tight sheets in soft cottom.  HATED the flannel.  But lots love them.

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Even though I am no longer hot flashing 🔥, I find flannel or fleece sheets to be too warm.