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Oh I got over this many many years ago!  Cram it in a gift bag.  That's the only way I fly now.  And I have very few gifts to buy anyway.


If it doesn't fit in a bag, it doesn't get "wrapped."  Never again will I go through the frustration of gift wrapping.


And in my 20's I did it for a dept store saturday before Father's Day.  The manager came by and said "Why are you here alone?  Where are the others?"  I said there are no others just me.


He said "Have you wrapped all that by yourself?"  I said I had.  He sent me to lunch (it was after 2 by then) and when I came back there were three other people there and he mgr. came by and said "They work for you."  LOL!  


So I CAN do it, I'm just too much like the OP!!!!!!!!!  But wimpier I guess.  I don't any more!

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Re: Every Single Time,

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They just sneak off to play a while with all those missing socks that hide, too!  Once you have moved on and don't care anymore, they often reappear.

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I know where they are. They are with the one missing sock and missing Tupperware lids. 

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@KoKtoo wrote:

I learned the hard way to keep multiples, many, many, multiples are over.


upstairs, downstairs, kitchen, garage. . . . . 




that is the way i roll @KoKtoo ......not just with wrapping paper/tape/scissors, but also with flashlights, pens, notepaper, paper clips, envelopes, and so many other things!

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@roxxy1 wrote:

@QVCkitty1  I hear ya !!!



@roxxy1 @QVCkitty1  Now that’s a great Christmas game!😄

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@QVCkitty1 wrote:

I just have to rant a minute . I'm wrapping presents and I've lost the tape. I'm between 2 rooms, but I can't findd the @#$&* scotch tape.  The thing is this happened every year, either the tape or scissors or both goes missing. Sorry, but my back hurts, and this is making me crabby.  Well, back on the hunt, they have to be somewhere right ?? 🤬

@QVCkitty1   This happens to me often too. It's so aggravating!  And I have multiples too (tape rolls and scissors).   Grrrrrrrr.

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Scotch brand makes a couple different dispensers.  One attaches to your hand and a new one I just found clips right on the edge of the table.  OR how about using a tool belt or belt bag of sorts. 

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Check with the kitty....

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Re: Every Single Time,

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I gather all my supplies; tissue, various wrapping paper, bags, tags, ribbon and go to our bedroom to sit on the floor to wrap.


I can guarantee I will misplace the tape and scissors at least five times in the midst of wrapping.

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@sidsmom wrote:


Check with the kitty....

@sidsmom ,  She's not talking, the minx !

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