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I have never been embarrassed and have often said when asked


I'm QVC from head to toe!!


Even to strangers who ask me about my shoes, purses, outfit, etc


The only reaction I have had is maybe a little surprise...


"Really?, Huh!"


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@GloriBee wrote:

@Trinity11 wrote:


Years ago a friend mentioned how much they loved my sweater. I shared it was cashmere from QVC. The sweater was beautiful but the look on her face when I shared was memorable. She laughed and said "OMG, you have to be kidding." 🙄

@Trinity11 that sure says more about her than you and the rest of us QVC shoppers! Woman Happy

Sad to say @GloriBee , that back in the early 90's when I was busy working and had a really busy life, I heard that kind of reaction if I ever shared something was from QVC when asked. I learned to avoid "sharing" when I realized the negative reaction. 

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Re: Embarrassed ?

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I don't think it's embarrassing anymore at all - in the beginning it was tho!  I don't mean to me, but overall. It was just so new and kind of odd but now it's very mainstreamed.  Celebrity and higher end vendors did not want to appear on the show - I think Joan Rivers was the first to jump on - she and her success with it made it very ok. Diane Von Furstenburg jumped in too - and the rest is history.  Everyone wanted in!


I'm not sure why it would be embarrassing at all now.  Q sells many of the same brands as catalogs, other websites, and b&m stores.

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Or maybe WE felt momentarily '"embarrassed" but then got over it when we realized we bougtht a lot of nice stuff that the other person missed out on because they were...embarrassed to shop on QVC!!!



I can guarantee no one has EVER examined any of my things with a magnifying glass to determine if it's the same "quality" as some high priced hoi polloi store..but then again, I was never big on impressing non-existent crowds in my home with  my stuff!!!


Or people who won't be paying for it!!!



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Twenty or more years ago, right after divorce and moving into a really small rental house, I bought, from QVC, this tube like contraption that had water in it and plastic fish, and when you plugged it in, the fish moved about in a lighted stream of bubbles...


gimmicky? Yes!


But EVERYONE who visited me wanted to know where I got it!!! They would stare, transfixed, as the pretty fish did thier thing....


There is stood, in a corner, bubbling away, the fish bobbing around....the BEST Kind of pet for me at the water changes, no finding them belly up, no food...just that lighted contraption in the corner!!



they made a face when I said "QVC" ....


But they WANTED ONE FOR THEMSELVES don't you know!!!!


I don't recall what happened to  either died or I gave it to someone....

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@QVCkitty1 wrote:

There was a time that if I mentioned that I ordered something from QVC that friends would make fun of me. I'm sure that it wasn't the case, but it seemed that nobody I knew ordered from a shopping channel, so I just stopped saying where I bought something. QVC has come a long way, but I still run into this attitude. Have you ever been embarrassed to admit you shopped at QVC ? 


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Embarrassed? Why would I be? I have nothing to be embarrassed about. It's my money and I spend it where and how I want.


If a friend laughs over where you shop then I would question if they are actually a friend. A true friend doesn't bring you down, but rather stands with you and supports you.

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Back in the 1990's I worked with a group of colleagues who all shoped at QVC and they would go on trips to Williamsburg, Va outlets . Finally, I thought , well I guess I would see  for my self . I did buy some items seen on air. Then I went to the QVC Studio Park and then the QVC outlet . I did find some nice items back in the 1990's that I still have to this day .  I do shop elsewhere at Brick and mortar stores and other online vendors .

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I was never embarrassed by shopping at QVC, but sometimes I would get ridiculed when I told them that I got it from QVC.  Then I'd say, well ordering off the TV is no different than ordering from a catalog and that would shut them up!


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Re: Embarrassed ?

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Ive never been embarrassed to tell people I bought something from QVC----in fact I have gotten compliments whether it was clothing, shoes, a kitchen gadget, a Berkshire throw or something from Valerie Parr Hill......


And my sister has recently started shopping at QVC---she bought Berkshire throws, the Berkshire cape, and a Temp-tations "soup set"....


If someone laughed they wouldnt be considered my friend---thats rude!

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