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Mine goes up every month. I don't understand why since we aren't doing anything different so I don't get why it goes up every month.

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Re: Electric bill going up

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@Snoopp wrote:

How is everyone doing with their electric bills these days.  Mine have gone up about $50.00 per month.  Ugh.  The useage is not heavy.





Ours is lower right now because it has been weather conducive to my wife not needing AC to sleep. It has been cool enough where she is fine without needing to turn on her room heater.


We do not use Whole House AC, or the Gas Furnace in the winter. We have room heaters that are portable, and where we live the most, our Patio Room! It had a HVAC, which has both, which are electric.


Our last months electric bill was $30 lower than the July bill. But since the battle against fossil fuels is not 100%. Every type of energy is going to go the way or the Gas Pump. And all for?


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I live in the hot south.  Mine ranged so far 250 to 300 with the thermostat set to 82 😡

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Our electric bill tripled this summer in July due to relentless triple digits. The temps are  beginniing to get down in to the '80s so that is a huge help; as the temps go down, so will the electric bill....we heat with natural gas so it is always only about $10 a month in the wil go up when the cold weather comes but still much cheaper than electric. 

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Re: Electric bill going up

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Ove $6.00 a gallon for propane in the summer?  I thought propane rates were running a little lower this year since demand has been down.  


At any rate, I am grateful for locking my propane price in before prices go up for winter.  

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Ours isn't terrible. We are on a 'time of use' plan which has extremely low rates between 7pm and 9am. During summer, my husband set the dehumidifier to run only during those fourteen hours, and it made a big difference. I try to do laundry and baking when the rates are reduced by a third! 

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Can't wait for cooler temps. Sick of hot sun. Could be worse could be

in Florida. I'm thankful.

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Re: Electric bill going up

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Ours has more than doubled in 2 years. It's a popular topic of discussion on our communitys' FB page. It's disturbing how high it is and how quickly it can increase; we're concerned about it going forward.

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@CelticCrafter wrote:

Our total electric bill from the middle of June to the middle of September, with the A/C running 24/7 was $150.

Geesh, that is great. Ours was 420.00 for one month. ThT is electric and gas. The water heater, heat and dryer is gas.  Otherwise everything is electric use. 

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@brandiwine wrote:

Not only electric bill but natural gas as well.  The raise in Social Secretary will barely cover the increases.  Not complaining, about the raise, just saying. Don't know how people who have to live on just SS do it.

Extremely hard. Food banks and other help.  Always paid everything on time and first time have to make partial payment, so will get charged interest on one acct. only.

Savings went to hell. Gas in Ca went up from 5.15 to over 6.00.  some towns 7.00.  Gouging.  My PGE went up this month from last month only 1.87. I don't use between 4-9, eat early. Flamless candless, and unplug everything that I can.

The only reason it went up, we had very hot days and I had to use fans. I don't ever remember it this bad and I am in my late 80's.