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It was cool today, some sun this morning then the clouds rolled in.


My son came mid morning to mow and trim, probably the last time this year.  We got to visit for awhile. He and his girlfriend lol (his ex-wife), long story got a second kitten.  


Easy dinner, the crockpot did it.  Beef stew and I made biscuits.  Hit the spot on a cool fall day.


Showered, now sitting with a cup of hot apple cider w/a cinnamon stick.  DD and I are going to watch a very young Jamie Lee Curtis in the original Halloween.


All in all a good day.


How was your day?

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96° and still sunny blazing hot in PHX!    

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@Desertdi   Oh dear, I can't imagine that heat still going on in October. 

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Hot apple cider sounds so good!


My day was productive!  I finished cleaning two closets and packed up some returns going back to the Q.  DH & DS have been watching football all day....still have it on.

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My washer died yesterday, so had to get a new one today. Wouldn't be so bad, but we are currently in the (hopefully) final stages of bathroom renovations--2 bathrooms, back-to-back--and really didn't need to spend the money. So not the BEST weekend ever.


But I'm still feeling blessed--at least we HAD the money to do these things!

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@CrazyKittyLvr2   Sounds like you had a nice day!


My husband and I went to an apple festival about an hour from home.

It was a nice, day between the sun and a little cloud cover, but we dressed for the occasion.


The festival was nice...there were a lot of crafters there, and I really appreicate their efforts, some things were very nice.  I just don't need anything else for my house, I  try my best to take something out if something new comes in.  There was also a good size antique section, my husband and I really like antiques so we really enjoyed that area.


The food was plentiful, but we never eat at those type of events.  I would have had a cup of coffee but needed a cookie or pastry to go with, but we could not find any pastries except for apple dumplings.  Overall it was a nice day.

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@Mom2Dogs   Sounds like a nice event.  Also, 2 of my favorite dumplings.

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@CrazyKittyLvr2 What I would give for your cool fall day...


And hooray for the second kitten!

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How was my Sunday?   Better than my Saturday. 

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I walked 12 miles