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@spud188 wrote:

They are called 'gauges' they give me the creeps as do eyebrow earrings.

My straight A College Art Major student grandson has his nipples pierced,really creeps me out. I just hope does not start doing any modifications he cannot hide.



He may have one further below too! LOL!

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@KingstonsMom wrote:

@LilacTree wrote:

If they ever want to get these things taken out, they are going to wind up with half an ear for the rest of their lives.  I don't know what a cosmetic surgeon could do with this.  Take the whole ears off and replace with vinyl ones?


This is by far the worst looking body self mutilation.



Basically, with the ring removed there's just a hole in the lobe that they stitch back together.


Now, I have tats (meaning I'm not ultra-conservative), but never was into all of these body piercings, other than my earlobes for earrings.


No one would even know I have tattoos, unless I want them to and each have special meanings.


I don't 'get' tongue piercings either, everyone has a lisp and doesn't food get all tangled up around those balls in their mouth???




But to each their own! Doesn't matter to me what anyone else wants to do to their bodies! Sames goes for plastic surgery!

Thanks, IG, that's good to know.  I was picturing huge hanging holes.  Relieved to know it's not that bad.

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My Take.  For the life of me, I don't know why so many are out to make themselves appear so ugly.  Is there a benefit or how does it make you any richer or younger?  It's not novel as so many do this.  I'd like the money they all spend on defacing their bodies - I'd be living a lavish lifestyle. 

As a Nativer American, we are and have been referred to as primative and savage and we sported tattoos and piercing centuries before it was acceptable.  So are all these folks are also low life?  Seems they race to get their ugly on.

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Ear stretchers, gauges.  In my mind, they were discs.  Whenever they are called, they are extremely ugly and disfiguring.  I hope this trend is not here to stay.


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@colliegirls wrote:

What are ear stretchers??  Are we talking about gauges in the ear??  Yes, they are very distracting. Our school does not allow them.



i opened this thread just because i was trying to figure out what ear stretchers were......we have always called them gauges.


for those who have had them and no longer want them, plastic surgery is an option.


i dont think my kids high school had any particular policy on gauges or piercings or tattoos.

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Re: Ear stretchers...

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Are you talking about ear guages? I don't really care for them either. I have a friend who owns a popular local tattoo shop and he has one too.


What is even more disturbing is one day I had stopped by there to drop off a book he had lent to me and there was a young guy there, in his early 20's I would guess, and he had one on the side of his face. It was a little below his cheek and he showed his teeth. I don't even know how you would eat with that. Nothing says I have absolutely ZERO desire to work like a face guage. Seriously, who would hire you? Now I could see a tattoo shop or something in arts or something like that but that is about it. I asked my friend if he knew him and he did, he said he hung out in the shop a lot and was a good kid who was super bright (he had a lot of tattoos too even a neck tattoo). I was curious as to what he did for a living and he told me he was a student at UNC for corporate finance. I don't know how he thinks he will work in this field like this unless he plans on have plastic surgery to fix that.


This pic gives you an idea of what this looked like except his guage was on the side of his mouth, a little below his cheek, showing all the teeth on the side of his mouth.


Edited to add: I clicked on the link I provided and it doens't take you to the particular photo I wanted, instead it show them all. The one I am talking about is the one on the lower right that shows the guage right under her mouth, showing the teeth.






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Displaying teeth through holes in the face, is something I hope to never see.

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I think they are gross!  I want to know where do these people work?


I saw a man who must have had huge ones and then had them removed.  It was the strangest and ugliest thing I'd seen.


Makes absolutely no sense at all!

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I've seen a plastic surgeon on TV recently mention that repairing those ear gauge holes is one of their most common procedures now.

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I'm watching SYTYCD and one of my favorite all stars, Cyrus just danced.  He has holes in his ears so large you could pass a quarter through them.  I cannot even look at them.


No I do not like or get or want to get the purpose of ear stretching.