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Tattoo and piercings never bothered me, but there's somet...

Tattoo and piercings never bothered me, but there's something about those black discs in the ear lobes, and I've only seen them on guys, that turns my stomach. ):
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@RedTop wrote:

I am also not a fan of ear stretchers, full body tattoos, or multiple piercings.   Having said that, my extended family has someone who has literally pushed all of the above to a freakish level.  This 32 year old man is totally covered in tattoos, and has a dozen piercings in his FACE!  He finally realized he had totally ruined his ears with the stretchers, and had surgery to repair his stretched earlobes.  The family was so proud he admitted that was a big mistake, but before we knew it, he actually had implants in his forehead to make it look like he has horns!!!   His grandpa took one look at him, called him a "freak", and refuses to have anything to do him now.  Grandpa helped finance the ear surgery thinking his grandson had finally come to his senses, but the horns were the last straw.   When I see him, and others who have made similar choices, all that comes to mind is "what were you thinking?"

Wow! The horn thing is really out there. I've only seen that on TV. I'd freak out if I were Grandpa too lol. 

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Re: Ear stretchers...

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Ugh..I do not like them either..Why people want to look so strange I will ever know..I heard a plastic surgeon say that ear lobe reconstruction surgery was a big thing now..I can understand why..I can not deal with the nose piercing like a bull or pig in the front of the nose. I laugh at myself because if I am talking to someone with one I can not look at them in the face..I do not mean to do it..but -l end up staring at ithe piercing if I do..and I do not want to be each his own.. Peace..

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Thanks everyone who posted...glad to know I'm not alone and I'm not an oddball Smiley Happy

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Doesn't bother me. No more than women with flabby arms who wear sleeveless tops or men who walk around with their underwear showing. 

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@Smaug wrote:

Doesn't bother me. No more than women with flabby arms who wear sleeveless tops or men who walk around with their underwear showing. 

doesn't bother me at all,I love tattoos and peircings as well, what does gross me out is fat women in tank tops or shorts....and sandles on feet that need a mani...

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Re: Ear stretchers...

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In my area of the country, I see ear stretchers mostly on young men, and yes, gross.


Tattoos don't bother me, nor piercings, except tongue piercings...yuck!


Flabby arms in tank tops don't bother me either...I've gotten over that due to my own not so firm arms and the 100 degree temps that are normal here in the summer, but, daisy dukes and tank tops to short to meet the waist of the pants on 300lb+ women do.


Your obese, okay, we all have something, but please, cover it up from the arm pits to below the hips.

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I know I am getting old....but I just don't get why some people want to look like they fell face first into a tackle box.....

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It may limit their employment options, but living in mom's basement seems to be the norm for 1 in 5 of this age group.

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What are ear stretchers??  Are we talking about gauges in the ear??  Yes, they are very distracting. Our school does not allow them.