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Dunkin Donuts Gift Card

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i'm not tech son uses a DD app on his phone...if i give him a DD gift card, can he put it on his app.......i have no clue what a DD app is....thanks...i've googled this question...but don't understand what they're saying.......yup....i'm not tech savy....

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I, too, am not tech savvy but I have see my grandchildren open a card with a gift card in it, load that gift card on their app and than discard the gift card.  So,yes he can.

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Usually an app is a modified (?) website.


I have the Lidl app on my phone and I scan that black and white pixelated box thing at the register to get the sales and coupons.


So it's probably that thing.

It's called a QR code.

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I have the Starbucks App, which I'm sure is very similar to DD.  If I get a gift card I can add it to the App.  There's a # on the back of the card, and you just enter it.  It's easier to do on the website than the app.  The website and app are connected.

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@Nananana59  Yes you can add a  DD gift card to your account on the DD app. My DIL is a big fan of DD & I gave her a $100 gift card the other day.She works from home & likes to run out in the mornings  & pick up a large flavored iced coffee to start her day.I watched her load the card to her account.

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If DS has a DD app, he can load the gift card.  It sounds much harder than it is.  It will be good.

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@Nananana59   Give your son a laugh, give him the gift card, and tell him he can add it to his app, and he will think mom is pretty tech savvy.  🤣🤣

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I'm not tech savvy either, phone or computer.  I just know the basics.  My daughter loads her Iphone with the Starbucks gift cards she gets.  I don't know how she does it.  I just had here download the Target Circle App and Publix App on my phone so I can take advantage of the savings.  

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I am almost sure he can.  I have the DD app on my phone and I have added gift cards to it.  He will know how to do it.