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a guess...


Past "L"?

You are the WINNER! It took me forever  and then, only after I was given the hint, say pastel, very slowly!


Still took me awhile 🤣


Cool, @SuhseK!   Thanks for this lighthearted quiz...   I needed to get my mind off some other things.   I just got lucky because somehow I saw it as a "picture" and it was my gut reaction but I wasn't at all sure.   I've really been struggling to think clearly...  long story I can't explain here, and it's taking me forever to even type this response...  but at any rate this gave me a boost and gave me hope that I'm on the mend.   Appreciate you, and everyone here!   Be safe and well, everyone.   For what it's worth, all of you mean the world to me.❤️




I'm impressed you're got it 😁 I was really starting to feel dense. 

I think I was just trying way too hard