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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

No.  Never considered it.  I love my life but it isn't so interesting.  Although I suppose journaling can be good for introspection for some.  If I did journal, it would be just St for me.  I would not want anyone else to read my journals.  

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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

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I did going thru chemo ---but not much more than a few pages tho----I go back and read them  and wonder how I ever got thru all that--but my MIL did--religiously. She wrote  every day from weather to family news. Never was a mean word in those journels. and her hand writing was lovely. I write notes on calendars too.

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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

I do off and on but I have since high school written my thoughts down.  Helped me over the years to get it off my chest.  I toss the stuff I wouldn't want others to read and those are just for me to help me get through difficult times.  I learned from a teacher to write down my feelings and reread at a later date.  Keep or toss and just for you. 


I am a list maker and make lists and jot down things I want to accomplish.  Always have and always will. 

I have tablets in different spots in the house and now and then pick one up and write down about my day.  Fun stuff to remember.  I also have a calendar.  

Sometimes I get a good laugh at what I have written.  

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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

When I workedI used a franklin planner to prioritze what I wanted to get done and to document on going projects.  


I am a list writer also, I still like writing my grocery list on a piece of paper, and I write down the chores I want to get done, its fun crossing thins off as I get them done.


Reminds me I need to start a christmas shopping list.

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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

I've started off and on over the years and then felt it was kind of self absorbed.  For a few weeks I wrote down something that made me happy that day....then got in one of my moods and tore it up saying "this is stupid".  That's me.😏

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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

1. I have a devotional day-by-day book where I keep thoughts and prayers.


2. I have a Rifle Paper journlal/bound spiral book that I write a good paragraph in every day.  I like to look back.  I've been doing this for years and they are so pretty


3. I have an app that I record everything I eat and it tells me if I am getting the nutrition I need in needed amounts.  This is a long time project that changed my life!  I did it because I was getting old but I feel my best in 20 years! 


I would NEVER record things I wouldn't want anyone to eat.  And I would never keep a fancy sticker-colored-inked doodled journal when I could be doing something more productive than doodling in it.  Woman Very Happy


And coming here is productive for me.  I learn things, I get help, I ask questions, I see how others are doing, and I might help answer a question or benefit from providing then with a prayer!  That's productive!  

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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

I have a journal I started when I first learned I was going to have our only child.  In the beginning I wrote mostly about how excited we were, setting up the nursery, going to the OB/GYN, how I felt, etc.  Then when he was born, I wrote about how we were adjusting to the change, how he went through various stages and how our families reacted to him.

He will be a senior this year so we are talking about career choices/college now.  So will be writing about those topics. 


Small parts are just about significant events like when Obama was elected, when the 2008 crash happened and my husband lost our only income, Fukishima, and of course the pandemic.


The journal is mostly for my son/future daughter-in-law to read for when/if they have a child of their own.  I had a lot of questions for my mom and MIL about the baby years that they couldn't remember, so that is the main reason I started it.


Still thinking whether or not I want to begin another.



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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

@Natureluvr wrote:
I have for years. Used to write in one frequently -my most private thoughts. I wrote less over time and now rarely write at all. I would not want some parts of my journal to be read by others. I’m considering throwing them out. Do you keep a journal? Would you care if others read it?

@Natureluvr  - I have never kept one because I would not want someone to read about my inner thoughts.  Since you are considering it, I think you should get rid of them - shred them first though.  

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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

Oh, no way!


I have a wonderful memory, I don't need any written account of my life.


I have thoughts that are mine alone.  I would never expose myself to others.

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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

a journal to keep a record of progress as i was recovering from knee surgery when i was 26 - basically what i had accomplished - so when i was down, i can see that i did 5 rep and now i can do 10 - stuff like that 

It was probably on a planner calendar - PT days and accomplishments


I do keep a log of what i planted in the garden - 

when i seeded  -when i transplanted - what was the yield

when i fertilize - sprayed - what kinds....


it helps me access what needs to be done or not do the next year