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Do you keep a diary/journal?

I have for years. Used to write in one frequently -my most private thoughts. I wrote less over time and now rarely write at all. I would not want some parts of my journal to be read by others. I’m considering throwing them out. Do you keep a journal? Would you care if others read it?
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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

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Not much happens in my life now, so, I just use my calendar.  Did you ever see all the journaling etc., at The Happy Planner?  Michael's and Hobby Lobby have some supplies, not to mention what happens on line.  Lot of women now, have their own products to decorate.  I've kind of moved on past that, but it was fun while it lasted.  Also see Erin Condrin products.  You'd be amazed at all the things on You Tube.


I now, empty old calendars and journals out and pay to get them shredded.  No one else would even be interested in my old notes or goings on.  

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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

I've journaled for years. Helps me to see where I was and where I am now. I find it to be a good learning tool.


That said, every year I go through the a previous year and shred it. I wouldn't want anyone to read it and take something out of context. 


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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

I think it's nice that some people do this but it's not for me.  I like to keep my personal thoughts to myself.  They say it can be therapeutic but I am a private person and God forbid, if something happened to me I would not want people reading it.  I even shred my personal calendar after the year is over, that actually tells a lot about a person.

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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

I keep a personal calendar for years. I like others would not want anyone reading a journal, the calendar is enough!

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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

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Daddy kept a weather journal. Noting the highs and lows of each day and the weather outlook. I try to do the same and also note things about the our weather:no power as an example. 

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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

I kept a food journal for about six months to get a good look at what I was eating. That included most of the nutrition info which was what I needed to know. The calories, fat and sugar content was not was I was interested in. I needed to know more specifics, for example mineral and vitamin contents of the food I was eating. It was a lot of work to find that kind of info. But in the end I learned a lot.

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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

I keep a food journal of what i cook and eat.

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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

No. I started one a few years ago. Then I realized that if something happens to me, others will find and read it. That thought curtailed my ability to express my thoughts and feelings freely. So what's the point of journaling if you have to edit yourself?

In high school I kept a detailed diary chronicling every high and low of my teen years. Boys I liked, the girls I hung out with, tv shows I watched, the weather, fashions, beauty tidbits, stuff about my family, grades. I wrote my weight on every page. "105 today. Must lose weight before the dance Friday night". Not even kidding 😳

I hung onto those diaries for over fifty years. Then I pitched them. 

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Re: Do you keep a diary/journal?

I don't keep a diary but I wished I had kept a travel journal.  We've had so many great trips in the past 45 years that it would have been fun to read about them now.  But I lack the discipline to write things down as they happen.