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@cherry wrote:

from the Free Press


r. Valerie Vaughn, 35, a hospitalist, and lead of a moderate-care unit for coronavirus patients at Michigan Medicine. She also is an assistant professor at the University of Michigan Medical School. (Photo: Joe Hallisy/Michigan Medicine)


At Michigan Medicine, Dr. Valerie Vaughn, a hospitalist who also is an assistant professor at the U-M Medical School, said emergency surgeries never stopped, but now, "we’re starting to do more of those semi-urgent surgeries, the cancer surgeries. We’re in the process of talking about doing those now because that also hurts people if we're having to delay those things.”

Although hospitals are starting to ease into more surgeries, Vaughn said that doesn’t mean it's a good idea to loosen all the restrictions Whitmer has put in place to slow the spread of the virus.

“If we just open up the state immediately, a lot more people are going to die,” said Vaughn, who was the co-medical director in converting a regular hospital unit into Michigan Medicine’s negative-pressure Regional Infectious Containment Unit to help handle the COVID-19 surge.

“We can't just reopen society, bam, on May 1. If we did that, our hospital would be overwhelmed again,” she said.

“When we were initially planning without social distancing, we were estimating that between 2,000 and 5,000 patients would need to be hospitalized at the University of Michigan. Instead, ... about two weeks after social distancing went into effect ... our curve stopped being exponential and started flattening. And I'm telling you, we breathed the collective sigh of relief.”

That’s when the university put on hold plans to open a field hospital at its indoor track to handle a rush of COVID-19 patients.

More: University of Michigan puts plan to open temporary hospital on hold

“We were talking about putting 500-1,000 beds in there, and it just was overwhelming,” Vaughn said. “I never want to have to see that building come to fruition. If we reopened the entire state on May 1, we would need that plus more to cover the number of people that need to be hospitalized.

“Luckily, I don't think our governor is going to let that happen, where the entire state opens up at once.

“But I do foresee some sort of phased reopening, and I think what is going to be necessary is widespread testing capacity. We've developed our own internal test here at the University of Michigan and increased our capacity to test both our patients and nursing homes.

“But we need more than that. We need to be able to do widespread testing of asymptomatic people. We need to … figure out how many people have antibodies — asymptomatic carriers of the disease who therefore are most likely to be immune.

“If we can get to that stage, we can really start to think about how to reopen in small ways to help the economy while not overwhelming our hospitals again. Because we are by no means out of the woods.”


Thank you for posting that Cherry. Valuable info!!!!

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My next door neighbors wife is now being transported to the hospital by ambulance..I hope she didn't come down with covid19 as well as having pneumonia..Our neighbor across the street called to tell us. Mr Cherry watched them load her up and I am sure she will be at U of M hospital with her husband. They are such nice people ,and have been our friends for over 40 years..I am very concerned for both of them

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@cherry I will pray for both your neighbors.  I go to MIMed and it seems like they have been preparing for ages.  Your friends should get good care.


I saw on the MIMed Health blog that our second peak could be taller if we don't keep the social distancing.  I hope the Gov keeps it up.



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Re: Detroit has peaked

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@KarenQVC  me too. They have a Grandson that visits frequently, and perhaps he inadvertently brought it to them


I haven't seen my daughter in all of this , but 1 time ,and that was through our glass storm door..It is hard but we know it is something we must do


My across the street neighbor is the same as us. Her daughter comes to their home once in a while , but never enters the house, they leave things for her in the mailbox ,or between the storm door and the house door.


We can't let our guard down

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@cherry, was just checking in to see how your neighbor was doing.  So sorry to hear the wife has now been taken to the hospital.  Sure hope they both do ok.  Will continue to keep them in thoughts and prayers.  

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@pitdakota  my fear is she got covid19. I talked to her on the phone the day before she went to the hospital, and I could tell she was  sick


She said she was tested, and it was negative ,but she had pneumonia. She said her husband had covid ,and would be kept  in  the hospital


I heard Dr Fauci say you could test negative one day, and positive the day after, and I fear that is what might have happened to her


I have heard nothing  since. thank you for your prayers