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Although I never have, I can absolutely see me darning handmade wool socks. Sometimes they do like to develop holes in the toes and a darning egg would really make darning easier.



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Re: Darning socks

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@Kachina624 no boxer shorts and tshirts?LOl just noticed my error.

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I darn socks. And winter gloves. And especially comfry denim shirts that grow tattered. Have ever since I was a kid. Neither my mother or grandmother thought darning was worth the bother. I have lots of cushiony thick wool hiking socks that I live in and which never seem to last long before sprouting holes. And so I darn them when the toes fray. I hate to be constantly tossing out things that can be easily mended.

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My mother darned socks in the evenings pretty much all her life. She used a lightbulb in the sock. That never seemed very safe, but I don't recall the bulb ever breaking. Some of our socks were all darn...and darn uncomfortable to wear. She used my grandmother's darning materials and spare buttons dating from the 1930s (at least) in a beautiful wooden sewing basket. I have the basket, and it brings back lots of memories. 

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@Poodlepet2  If you handknit socks you learn how to darn them-that knitting is a lot of work!! x2! That's why knitters darn socks. I'd love to see a pair of crocheted socks; they must be lacey and feminine.


One Christmas, I knit 18 pairs of socks for family and friends. I think I was insane in retrospect.

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No. I repair other items that get holes or need new buttons, but I don't spend my time repairing socks. My time is more valuable to me than the socks.


I've got some sweaters I love that I've repaired multiple times before finally giving up on them, but socks I just throw out and replace.

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@maestra! I love knitting socks!  I never mastered DPNs, but I learned on circs and it's so easy!


Among crocheters, patterns and books abound for socks: I think lighter weight yarns need to be used because the nature of the fabric is so thick by nature.


If I were to do that, I would KNIT the foot, then start crocheting....


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I wish I could darn socks.  It kills me to discard a pair of socks that are perfectly good except for a hole in the heel or toe.  Well, they go into the rag bin so they're still good for something.

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Re: Darning socks

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Hmm ...  I seem to vaguely recall darning associated with poverty.   "We were so poor that we had to patch and darn our socks because we couldn't afford new socks".    I never saw my grandmother or mother darning anything, but once saw a neighborhood mom darning.