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We are big lovers of Eastern North Carolina-style pork barbecue and also have enjoyed  award-winning  smoked pulled pork at  parties and reunions in Georgia.  As a result of this barbecue fetish, I have spent countless amounts of time making different types of sauces and seasonings to use when slow-cooking pork at home.


I discovered  after all this from-scratch  time and trouble that it is far simpler and just as tasty to buy one packet of McCormick Pulled Pork seasoning mix and following the simple instructions on the package.  McCormick's pulled chicken seasoning mix, plus the ones for beef stew and pot roast are just as handy and good for slow cooking meats.  Some other brands  are showing up in the seasoning aisle at grocery stores, too, that might be worth trying.

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I like eating the food from recipes (tender meats), but it's weird I won't leave a crockpot unattended.  (that's the whole purpose)

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Go to Pinterest, they have a lot of low cal crock pot recipies.

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For some years now, I have been a fan of slow cookers/crock pots. and yes, I DO leave them unattended. Now I would NEVER leave my stove that way, but this is different. Have found one does not necessarily need a recipe, just toss in whatever you think of. There are times I toss cabbage in with a roast or chicken, baby carrots - you name it. Also if I have a small amount of certain veggies, carrots, potatoes, greens, etc, in the cooker they go. Tonight I have a roast cooking and of course I ALWAYS toss in at least one sweet onion - only kind of onion I use any more. Also put in a bunch of baby carrots. On the stove is collards and baby potatoes. Now tell me, how can you do any better and soooooooo easy to fix.


You can also toss dried ranch dressing in with a roast or chicken, also different things for seasoning, such as different types of vinegar - so very good. Try it!! Balsamicvinegar is just great and gives you a great taste - love it on chicken or roast.


Well I have to run and  decide when it all will be done - absolutely no work to it at all.