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What is a cash rewards credit? 

I get a check from my Costco Visa in February and it's usable/cashable until end of year


I get a check in July from my Executive Membership card spending.


Is it one of those?

am I missing another cash back?

They also give rewards with the executive membership.



can you explain what rewards they give with executive membership. I get a cash back in July (my anniversary month) for being an executive member and a rebate check from Costco Visa in Feb. 


There can't possibly be another 


I feel like I'm playing "who's on first"

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@scatcat As far as I know, those are the only 2 rewards.

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There is one caveat. My membership expires in Dec. I get the rewards sent to me in February But ONLY if I am a current member. So that keeps you needing to join every year to get the cashback. If you don't renew you lose the rewards.

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As far as I know there are 2 kinds of rewards at Costco - the one from being an Executive member and the one for using your Costco CitiCard for purchases.


I learned this year that the Executive reward can be used ONLY at Costco, with no cash out.  I live 90 miles from the closest Costco, so trying to get there to use it is a challenge.


I contacted Costco Customer Service and was told I could  sign and send my Executive reward to an address they provided. They then sent me a Costco Cash Card that can be used in-store or for online purchases.

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@bargain girls    Costco does send emails or at least they used to.   It's too early in 2022 for this year's reminders and I will spend mine long before notification time.



It's not too early for the reminder.  They emailed me a reminder yesterday, & I was really glad they did because they had sent me my Rewards Cert Feb 24 & I had forgotten about it.

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I have never received any reminder emails from Costco, but I usually spend the money on my next trip there or take the rest in cash.

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I convert them to gift cards so they don't expire and save them for something I really want.