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I still have my H.S.ring (onyx  with good crest, Montgomery Blair, 1962) and my Mom's (1929, Oxen Hill, all good and very worn).  I never got my college ring (too expensive not to wear for more than a couple of years).

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I did have a class ring and still have it. It came from Balfour. It has an "aquamarine" stone in it because I liked blue.  Oval stone. 


When I die, I've asked that I be buried with both it and my sorority pin. 

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@namaste000 wrote:

@I am still oxox wrote:

@Stray  Yes, it is part of the CUNY system, at 68th  Street & Park Ave, it was originally a women's only school with a campus in the Bronx now Lehman college and the building at Park and 68th. My Mom went there in the 40's and spent two years uptown in the Bronx and two years at Park Ave.


I have my Hunter/Lehman ring from 1970.  We were the first graduating class after the name change.  I remember a bunch of us organizing a 'sit in' to protest the name change...but the Lehman family donated a lot of money.  

@namaste000- I had a few friend who taught at Hunter and many of my friends attended Hunter.  It was my #6 train stop.  I went to Marymount Manhattan College not far from Hunter and of course, most of my medical appointments bring me to the Hunter stop today..... 



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@I am still oxox wrote:

I think I have a HS ring and I know I have a college ring, it is a very recognizable design, in fact many years ago I was getting off the shuttle boat in the Bahamas and a woman asked if it was a Hunter college ring and it was.

I had a Hunter college of CUNY ring.  Sold both it and high school ring years ago.  Never wore them and they were made out of 10K gold.

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I had a high school with a square sapphire stone. I never wore mine after I graduated.  When we ordered class rings, a couple of girls opted to go to a local jeweler and get a gemstone ring instead.  At the time, I thought they were strange but now I think that was a much smarter thing to do as mine didn't really hold a lot of meaning.


A few years ago, I took it and several other pieces of 14k gold jewelery and sold them for the $$$.

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Never got one. I thought ours was ugly. It was white mother of pearl, with logo.






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I still have my high school class ring, and the plastic bag it came in with the price tag of $39.95.   Yellow gold, garnet stone, with my initials inside.   I haven't worn it in many years, and have considered selling it the next time gold prices are up.   I also have 2 school necklaces; one is a senior key, and the other is smaller, more delicate with the garnet stone, both have my initials.   

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I had a HS class ring which I sold years late husband (high shool sweetheart) gave me his HS class ring when we started "going steady"...I returned it to him when we broke up....


Fast forward...we reconnected 30 years later and he gave the ring to me again!  When he passed away I gave the ring to our son.

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When I got my BSN I didn't even go to graduation , let alone buy a class ring or a school pin. I'm sorta sorry I didn't get the pin.

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I did but it was flushed down the toilet in a restaurant  a year after I graduated (it slid off my finger). That was the end of that.