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ORdering many of these 'essentials' online or ordering them for pickup is absolutely not working. Around here, pickup for orders at the store are running up to a week out, and regardless of what you order that shows in stock, it will most likely not be in stock when they get around to pulling your order, they are so far out on them. Many people are finding they order $250 worth of food and supplies only to have a balance due at pickup of like $138, and much of what they thought they had secured by ordering wasn't available. 


It's a real challenge to order online too. I have had things in my cart and tried to check out quickly, only to have them disappear before I could submit the order. 


Certain things are a real challenge right now, and I don't see it getting better for quite some time.



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Having to order that far out could definitely make things difficult if the store doesn’t have any good plan in place to accommodate orders. I’ve been lucky.


Every time I have ordered from WalMart they have had good selections for pickup. I can never order for the same day pickup but the next day has always been available. I could have ordered for pickup today but tomorrow is more convenient for me. I have no idea if I will get anything I ordered, none of it, or something in between. I’m not desperate for TP but figured I should start trying before I am running low.


I won’t go into a store right now so it would be nice to eventually get the things I need. But I can and will do without before walking into a store in the near future. 

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@CoffeeNut   😂😂🤣🤣. That is my favorite seasonal holiday candy also. It just "tastes" better than regular Reese's  to me.😁



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@Nightowlz wrote:

I bought 2 of the 36 mega rolls of Cottonelle last night. Even though we have plenty I'm buying it when I can find it. I read we will have shortages for a year and half. I'm not going to go to the store weekly looking for tp or anything else.


You are one of the hoarders then that I would love to meet in person, making this a problem for so many, when it doesn't have to be. There would be no TP shortage without the hoarders!

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I was at Giant Eagle Market District today. Only tp was a no name 4 pack. I found some good stuff at Walmart. Last cheap tp I used was like newspaper. No face tissues or paper towels. Didn't need meat and the meat looked well stocked. My freezers are full so no use stocking up.


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Re: Charmin Toilet Paper

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The Charmin Ultra Strong is available.  What's not available is the one the public likes more....the ultra soft.  I see the ultra strong lots of times.  I don't use any Charmin.  Only my husband likes the brand, but again he wants the ultra soft. Charmin's propaganda works ever since we were told not to squeeze them. I'm still waiting for the no brand tp through Amazon.  It won't arrive till early June, LOL.  I ordered it in early April.  That's how bad it is. 


What I'm finding fairly easily now is the paper towels.  Forget any Bounty brand.  I get Wegmans's brand.  Only allowed 1 roll a week.  Bounty had been disapearing even before the virus.  I don't know what happened to that company.  But the supply had been very poor.  That Vita Box company online where I found a gold mine in print Bounty towels has disappeared.  Procter & Gamble plugged a hole. 

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Ordering WM Grocery Pickup midweek seems to be lucky for me! I’m waiting for them to load my groceries in the trunk now. I’m getting 2 lbs beef, 2 cartons of eggs AND a 6 mega roll of Northern TP! Very happy!