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Re: Call blocker- recent TSV

@SharkE  Just used my pigeon (e-mail).  Will have to call Verizon on Monday.


Happy Easter to you!

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Re: Call blocker- recent TSV

Thank you !

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Re: Call blocker- recent TSV

Wish mine would come! Surely it will be on the next donkey pack that passes through town?


Shipping time is ridiculous.

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Re: Call blocker- recent TSV

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before I got NmRobo, the calls would stop after 3 rings   I wonder if the robocaller system only is active once an actual voice answers.


have never had a robocaller leave a msg 


I have had robocalls leave a message when my machine was turn on. Many were calls to vote in an election year for all the candidates, school board, local millages,  etc. Also, vacation specials, CC deals and for home medical devices. Now I can block away! Woman Happy

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Re: Call blocker- recent TSV

DH ordered us one and it came Wednesday. I hooked it up and no lie, we have only gotten 1 unknown call since (which we blocked).. We cant believe it. I hope it continues to work like this. We are thinking the numbers pre-blocked in the unit must be some of the ones that were calling us daily for 2 months.


(Before the past months we hardly got any unknown calls, and I had been bragging about that, but in the past 2 months it had picked up that we were getting calls all day and night before getting this blocker!). 


Lastly, my friend got one too and she said she only had 2 unknowns calls since hooking hers up this past week also! Anyway both my friend and us are happy for this call blocker! 

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