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These are 8 pair of Clark shoes that I have bought through the years from QVC .They should have lasted for many years. They look like they are stitched together but I am finding out they are glued together. They have come apart just setting in the box, and some I have worn very little. Even the soles are all cracked just setting in their box. How can Clarks sell these shoes, do you know how much money these shoes cost. I have gotten other shoes from QVC and never have had this problem. Clarks cost 70.00 to 100.00 and more.I will never buy Clarks again, very unhappy QVC.You can probably send them back if you had a few months to QVC, BUT WHAT IF YOU HAVE HAD LEATHER SHOES LONGER ARE THEY JUST THROUGH AWAYS, 1.00 FLIP FLOPS WOULD LAST LONGER!!!!!001.JPG003.JPG006.JPG

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I had the same experience with Clark's shoes.  The perfectly good tops came off the soles.Two pair came off my foot as I was walking.  They just came unglued. I took them to Clark shoe store and they told me they could not be repaired.  They were over $80.00. They are very comfortable, but do not last and cannot be repaired.  I won't try Clark's again.  Marie 

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Obviously, you are hard on your shoes.  Why would you think that a $60 or $70 shoe should last for 8, 9,,10 ,years?   I rotste my dhoes. I try to wear my shies and sandals no more than 3 times a week.  None of my Clarkd ever fell apart but they showc some wesr and tear around the 4th year.  My feeling is that's $20 bucks a yesr....I got my money's worth.  I tossed two pairs of Clark's sandals out on Saturday.  I got three years out of both pairs. I might have got a fourth year if I really wanted too.  



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Bad quality period. 

My husband had two pair of ECCO's have the same thing happpen to him and he is like me, we don't wear out our shoes.  The Made In China lables should tell us all something. 

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Mine are doing this also.  Some I don't wear but a few times a year for special occasions.  I thought it was just me.

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I have about 80 pairs of shoes.  I have one pair that I wear almost, without fail, every single day for 7-8 years.  These are Sam Edelman sandals that are slide-on, which I put on almost every time I get out of the shower and certainly wear around the house.  Occasionally, I will wear my house shoes but I don't like them.  Otherwise, I rotate my shoes frequently and I do not expect any single pair that I wear incessantly and everywhere, to last very long, especially a pair that cost under $100.  Even these sandals cost near $100 and that was several years ago.  As far as hard-working mules or clogs, look to something like Cole-Hahn for the mileage, but you won't get them for $70.

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I have many pair of Clarks shoes, some that are at least 20 years old, and have never had any problems. 

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@Lori Kaye wrote:

I have many pair of Clarks shoes, some that are at least 20 years old, and have never had any problems. 

I agree - almost all my shoes are Clarks and I too have not ever had any problems that the OP describes.

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I once bought many Clark shoes but like any shoe if you wear it everyday 16 hours per day for 7 days x 12 months per year for 10-15 years, you cannot expect it to hold up to all that punishment.  I doubt the picture above is from one shopper but most likely from many disgruntled shoppers.  It would be  1:10,000,000 chance that one purchaser would receive so many invalid shoes.

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This is an issue that resurfaces every so often, there have been previous posts about this.


This has nothing to do with the wearer being  hard on their shoes, I think Clarks had a production issue that resulted in this situation. 


Reach out to Clarks customer service directly. They may offer you compensation.