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Re: CA Fire Evacuation Day 14

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@dulwich    I am over the hill from you and cannot imagine how you cope   with the smoke. It has been awful here.  It made the hot days worse.  I have been thinking about you, and was hoping your home would be spared.  Fire is so irratic.  Glad you are safe


it is a state of thankfulness and gratitude when you go though something like that, and so many were not spared.  One is just totally grateful for what they have.  It is so true...all those litlte material things mean nothing when you escape with your life and home.


i feel badly for your grandson.  It is hard.  I have shared this a few times on these boards.  In 1958,  When I was 10 we had a fire in a home we had moved into the week before.  Burnt to the ground.  Most furniture and belongings  were gone, but the bedrooms were spared although the heat  singed the varnish.  Alos, all photographs and mementos of my parents were saved, and my beloved Ginnette doll.  My dad refinished bedroom sets  later, and slowly we picked up our lives.  It was tramatic for me, but more so for my brothers  who were 4 and six.  We had to be singled out to friends for  awhile, with no belongings really.  Money was tight.  You never forget, but it gets better.  He will feel better when things are settled a bit.  Slowly one recovers.


wishing you all a safe and peaceful revovery



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Re: CA Fire Evacuation Day 14

@dulwich Thanks for the update.  Between the wildfires and COVID, it's been hard for so many in this area.  I hope that your family will return to some normalcy soon, especially the children. 

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Re: CA Fire Evacuation Day 14


Glad to hear you will soon be able to go home.

We are in the more northern area of CA, and we

have had smoke, evacuations not too far away,

but fires almost contained.


Last weekend we were all set to go, with photos

and a few important papers, etc  in our car.

We have a lot of vegetation and trees behind our

home, and the possibility of dry lightening

was scary.


The best to you and your family. 

Our "fire season" ususally comes in Oct-Nov.,


I now look at trees very differently. 


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Re: CA Fire Evacuation Day 14

@dulwich ...I just read your latest update and I am crying.  It has brought back so many memories of the fires we dealt with in the San Fernando Valley while living there for 40 years.  So many homes were burned to the ground and people were left with nothing.  Many times my daughter and I filled boxes with clothes that were like new and donated them.  We were evacuated once but only for two days, nothing like what you and your family are going through.


I believe I missed where in CA you live.  I do want to give mention and praise to the wonderful fire fighters in CA, watching them walk into the fires, risking their lives is so frightening, God Bless all of them and keep them safe.  I fully understand the fear you have been living with, losing a home and everything you own has to be at the top of the list for the most devastating news one can receive.  God Bless you and your family, stay strong, we are all praying for you and looking forward to the good news that you can go home again.  Heart

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