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Well still here  -  fire being contained and some people being allowed to go home.  Not us though - our town was in the hub of the fire so still danger fire still going, trees falling, but we are hoping we may get back middle to end of next week.


Air is very bad in our area, they are repairing water tanks.  We have  lost 724 homes in just our area - our houses still standing so we are very fortunate as people just down the block from us all their homes gone.  All trying to find rentals.

We watch the reports daily awaiting our area to go green means we can go home.  Firemen/volunteers doing heck of a job.


Found my 4 y.o. grandson today sitting crying as he 'wanted to go home to his room and his Spider-Man outfit'.  It is hard to explain how lucky he is that he still has a room some of his little pals have lost theirs.  We are fortunate.  




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Re: CA Fire Evacuation Day 14

Aw, @dulwich I'm so sorry you and so many are going through this tragedy. So sad for those who lost their homes.  And your poor little grandson...of course he misses his comfort zone. 

I am so glad you and your family are ok.  Keeping you in thoughts and prayers....hope you can get home very soon. 🌷

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Re: CA Fire Evacuation Day 14

@dulwich ..... You have such an amazing positive attitude. (((Hugs))). 

I promise to remind myself every day that I am strong, courageous, and resilient.
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Re: CA Fire Evacuation Day 14

So sad for the little ones who don't understand and the slightly older ones such as yourself @dulwich  who also want to go home.  Thank God your home is still standing.  As awful as the situation is, you have much for which to be thankful.  It'll soon be over and you'll be on your way, although I imagine what you'll see will be a shock, not the same old neighborhood.


Stay safe and report back when you can.

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Re: CA Fire Evacuation Day 14

Hopefully you will be back in your home soon.  With everything going on it must be surreal for you and family.  Stay safe.  I am sending a prayer your way.

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Re: CA Fire Evacuation Day 14

I am glad you and your family are safe. Your home is going to be uninhabitable due to all the smoke damage. I don't see how you could live in it for quite awhile. Have you thought about alternatives? I was just curious.

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Re: CA Fire Evacuation Day 14

@dulwich Thank you for the update.  Sending good thoughts and prayers for you and all who have been affected by this terrible situation.   May you successfully return to your homes. How lucky your grand baby is to be with you. Please give him a hug from we who care.  

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Re: CA Fire Evacuation Day 14

Glad you are safe....

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Re: CA Fire Evacuation Day 14

@dulwich   I’m so sorry for what you are going through.  Sure puts me in a reality check.  Don’t we all take some simple  things in life for granted sometimes? So thankful your home is still there.  I’m sure your positive attitude is helping others.  Prayers to you and all in your area.  We are blessed. Thanks for keeping us updated.  

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Re: CA Fire Evacuation Day 14

So glad your family is OK too.  This must be so hard.