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Depression is caused by putting all your faith, trust and focus on yourself instead of putting your faith, trust and focus on Jesus. You will always fail, but God never fails.

Clearly you don't understand that clinical depression is a chemical imbalance.

Maybe and maybe not. The "chemical imbalance" view started in the 80's based on an idea that stemmed from Parkinson's studies. It became a mantra that the public has never let go of. Today researchers have gone beyond that and are much more involved in seeking a genetic causation. But I agree that simply having faith will not help everyone with clinical depression.

I think it depends on who/what you are putting your faith in. If one truly believed and doesn't doubt that their depression is being healed. It will be healed. But so many of us have half belief, half faith and half trust. This is not unusual because the world looks at things in the physical realm, but people with true faith in Jesus and his promises look at the spiritual realm. They walk by faith, not by sight.

You give faith a bad name. My DH has PTSD from Vietnam. 40 years. He became a chaplain and devoted his life to helping other veterans from the path to suicide. His thorn has not been taken from him just like Paul's thorn was not taken from him. The Lord has helped him use his suffering for good. The Lord does not heal everyone from suffering and to claim that a lack of healing is from lack of faith is WRONG. I won't be back to this thread. I'm too angry.

Sorry you won't be back. Paul's thorn in the flesh was not an illness. It was a messenger from satan. If you read about it in scripture, you will understand it was persecution that Paul suffered. We all suffer persecution for the sake of Christ and His grace is enough to see us through it. The Lord does heal everyone who believes. The Lord does not put illness on anyone nor does he consider it good. But, the Lord can work anything for good for those who love Him and called according to His purpose. Jesus healed everyone when He was on earth. The only ones he could not heal were those who did not believe. He has given us that power through His Holy Spirit who lives in us.

You are completely healthy, never sick, no ailments?

I am not always healthy. I get ailments from time to time. Usually when I let my guard down. No different than anyone else. . Sickness is part of this fallen world. But, I know the great Physician and I walk in divine health. So any attack will not last long and hasn't.

Many know the Great Physician, yet they have sickness and disease. Are you saying that if one lets their guard down they will get cancer?

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Why would Bruce decide this now? Most people deal with this at a younger age.

Maybe BJ wants to be the truth. Not everyone accepts and decides to come to term with transgender changes at an early age. Better late then never for a chance at true happiness.

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Frankly, I don't care. Whatever floats his boat. But I have to say that he makes one very unattractive woman.
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update: BJ was involved in a 3-car crash today. One fatality.


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Bikerbabe - Sorry for what your husband has had to endure. I have PTSD so, on my own level, I understand how it is for him.

Also sorry you have to deal with this craziness here. I'm non-religious but that poster gives religion a very bad name, even for many others who actually are religious. Just let the crazy go and realize that it is that person and nothing you or your husband should have to absorb.

This isn't EVEN the nuttiest stuff that I've seen from that poster. It's sad and weird and scary that some people are like that, and like that toward others but, since there is nothing any of us can do to change that kind of weird brainwashing, it's best to just ignore it and not let it hurt you.