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@colover wrote:

Shawn + logo=nothing good. I've never noticed how ill prepared she.  What a joke. I think she got her hand slapped major with this move. I don't care for logo"s style but it's kinda funny to see Shawn put in her place.

Put in her place????  

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No, No, No!!!!!  I can finally watch PM style again. I can’t stand Shawn and her nonsense. 

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I wouldn't worry too much.  I feel sure the PTB will bring Shawn back with a flourish - probably her own show.   She seems to be quite a performer. 

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Pm style without Shawn is pm stale.I really liked the show as it was.Amy is cute but I just don’t enjoy her presentations although she is very stylish looking.

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Thank God for YOUR HOME WITH JILL!!!!  Saving me money from LOGO...JUST BOUGHT AN ADORABLE QUILT SET. Jill youare the best

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You just can't win , i don't no the real reason for the switchup , but haters will be haters , pure and simple. Yes i liked Amy with Logo , sales will determine who goes where. And about the second host , have you all forgotten that Lisa had Courtney for a sidekick years ago. I no it is a stain , but try to be kind in 2019.

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And these LOGO clothes are so expensive!  I like some of this line, but haven’t purchased in ages due to the ridiculous prices.  Love Shawn but a different host won’t convince me to purchase.  Miss her on PM style.

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I also miss Shawn.  Have always liked her from day one.

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This post has been removed by QVC because it is unkind to our Host

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It's not working.  Amy had chemistry with Lori.  Shawn was in her element, and found her niche with PM Style.