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Re: Beware the Shipping Charge!

In my view, they use shipping as another source of income. It like stealing at this point. Their excessive shipping has driven me away, and I’m saving money. They can’t use the excuse they are cheaper, because after they stick you with their excessive shipping, they are way, way higher!
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Re: Beware the Shipping Charge!

I received a duplicate JAI jewelry item that I did not order & called CS - they agreed it was sent in error; return the item using the Q return label and assured me I would not be charged for shipping.  I also wrote a note on the return paperwork I was not to be charged shipping as item was sent in error. Just got my Q bill with a line item shipping charge of $6.95.  Had to call CS again and they removed the $6.95.  


So yes, buyer beware. 

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Re: Beware the Shipping Charge!

Shoes are a hard-to-fit item. Charging upwards of $12 to try them on-- then another $7 to $9 to return them-- is outrageous. Especially when most of their online competition has free shipping both ways on shoes!

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