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Just figured she had passed yrs ago.

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No doubt The View will do a wonderful tribute to her when they return after their break, probably Tuesday.  I expect to see a review of some remarkable shows over the years, maybe various guests who had close relationships with her.  It should be truly special.  I'm so sorry she was afflicted with dementia, such a cruelty to a gifted personality.  Lucky are the aged ones who escape it.

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So sad!  I really liked her and she was certainly one of a kind. A true pioneer for women in journalism. 


She seemed like she had been doing well for such a long time but I was saddened to hear a few years ago that she had dementia.


RIP Barbara.

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Saw that on the news earlier tonight. She was a great journalist and a pioneer for women in the field of TV broadcasting. I watched her on her many different shows, including the specials she had after she "semi-retired". 


Journalism lost a great lady, as did everyone she touched over her decades of work. Condolences to her family.


Rest in Peace Barbara 🙏 ❤



hckynut 🇺🇸

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Rest in peace Ripping, cross, flower png

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She was quite a woman, a true trailblazer. Rest in peace Barbara
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Her early work was admirable but I didn't like her later persona.  She was sassy especially after founding The View.  I will say though rest in peace, Barbara.





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I saw this before I went to bed last night. 


I didn't realize she was 93.  What an incredible life she lived.  I didn't really appreciate who she was until I was in my teens/early 20s.  During that time I really enjoyed watching her interviews.


It's so scary to me that so many people I grew up watching are now passing away.  They have always been there and it seemed like they would be around forever.  I'm still not over Betty White.  Smiley Sad

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Sad news, but what a remarkable life she led! She soared high in a man's world of journalism. Seems we're losing all our real journalists who reported the actual news and not their individual opinions. I never think of her without thinking of the good ole days of Saturday Night Live when Gilda Radner played Barbara Wawa! May she rest in eternal peace.

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Melissa Rivers on twitter..


An unwavering journalist. A fearless trailblazer.


A faithful friend.


Rest in Peace, Barbara Walters


You’ll be missed by all.