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Last order of the year

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I can't wait for January 1, 2023 when the host will declare "this is the last order of the year."

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Do they do anything special for the last order of the year?  50% off? An extraordinary number of easy-pays?  A free gift?  

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It won't  stop.   Only order and can't get any more. Yadayada 

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The Hosts will be saying the same thing " Last order of the year " on Jan 1 , 2023

 In an attempt to get people to rush order

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It's always "the last order of the season!!!!!!!" that the hosts bellow. We won't hear it until they start selling spring clothing. And that will be in 2 or 3 weeks.

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I know!  I started to think about that in mid December when the hosts were still saying, "Last order of the year."   Well, no duh!

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I guess a lot of customers believe it when they say "last order of the year" etc or they wouldn't say it so is also annoying to have the little pop-up that says there are only 4 left or 50 people are about to put it in their cart now" and other arm-twisting.

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And the saying…”Most people are buying more than one!!!”
Or…”This will be an heirloom and passed down for years!”
Or…”There is no reorder”

And the big one…”These are the only ones we have left, unless we can get some more in this year…”-Which, of course, means they are talking about…when they get customer returns “back in stock” -that will be the ones definitely to order!!😝