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I respect your opinion.  I did not get that impression from her post at all. 

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I believe your dream was brought on by the situation with overwhelmed hospitals and understaffing. You feel a need to help but, because your retired, you can't get there to help. The dread is that people will die and you can't do anything to prevent it.

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I can relate to what you are writing about.  I am a retired school teacher.  Sometimes I dream about being a teacher in the classroom again, but it is usually a situation where I am a SUBSTITUTE teacher.  Now, being a teacher in secondary schools is hard enough, but being a substitute is pretty much a thankless job.  So, my dreams about this are always pretty much "downers."  When I get up in the morning and think about what I dreamt, I just thank the good Lord above that I am now retired and actually have a life!

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I, like  you, rarely remember my dreams or for more than a few minutes after getting awake. 


When a stressful one stays with me, I believe it has some message for me. It can be a warning, it can be a way of processing something that is going on in my life, or even some insight into stresses that are lying under the surface and I'm not dealing with them fully. 


Especially if you rarely are affected by your dreams, I can see where this one following you might have you a bit on edge. Try to think what it might be trying to tell you or what it might be revealing in your life right now. Could you have some stresses from retirement, that working and having your job kept at bay (like financial, security, age etc.). 


Hopefully the feeling will pass quickly.

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It sounds to me like a variant of the school dreams that affect so many of us. It's always about something going terribly awry.


Now I have more dreams about my teaching career, and it's the same thing -- e.g. I'm standing before my class totally unprepared.

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Interesting dream !  

Although I have an MA in French Literature, I have never used it per se.  My career has been totally corporate or entrepreneurial.


At one point, I was in a very difficult situation.  Finally, after a strange dream I woke up and remembered the last sentence:  It was in French and the only time ever that that had happened.  When I thought about the sentence, I realized it held the answer as to the steps I needed to take.


Because the steps were so unique, the dream allowed the steps to avoid being rejected by my conscious mind.  There was also symbolism in the dream that pinpointed the particular person I needed contact.


It ended months of my walking a tightrope suspended in mid air.  The situation was resolved and my group was protected from unearned vindictiveness.  


Months later the vindictive one tried to sabotage me even though I had been promoted and out of his organization.  He made the mistake of mentioning someone's name in my performance appraisal that just happened to be a good friend of my AVP.  The AVP called the guy and got the true story: he then deleted anything Mr. Vindictive had input.

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You know what, I think these times are super stressful.  Most of us have not known this kind of stress as we see it in the news now a days.  It's no wonder some dreams may come out as wierd, far-out and leave us in a state of disbelief.  Just remember it's a dream not reality. It's probably how our subconscious is getting us through tough times by using familiar objects, but not making a real sense of most things now.  It's ok, it's just a bad dream.  You can't solve it, don't try to figure it out.

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@jlkz    What a story you have!     Well, in my case, I needed to speak Spanish at my former job, but in TODAY'S dream, the language was similar to Spanish, but "not quite the same".  I was trying so hard to understand what was being spoken......and then woke up.    di

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@QVCkitty1  I often have these kinds of frustrating dreams. Either I can't get somewhere, or I'm cooking for a crowd and my ingredients keep disappearing. Sometimes I'm trying to write down important, life changing information and the pen/pencil won't work or I can't type it into my computer. I've heard that our dreams are our sub-conscious communicating with our conscious self.  So, I try to think of what is frustrating me at the moment and try to come to grips with it. Right now, it's home renovation. The worst recurring dream I've had is needing to go to the bathroom and finding out that the only toilet is in the center of a room full of people. Sometimes it is also out of order. I finally looked it up, and found out that I wasn't taking enough time for myself. Who knew? Those toilet dreams have faded since I've been retired. Crazy huh?

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Aren't dreams weird?  I very rarely have a good dream.  The bad dreams wake me up and I feel such relief to know "it was only a dream".  I often dream of water.  I also dream in color.


Even if the op wanted an interpretation of her dream, everyone would have a different opinion.  Our subconscious minds are really bizarre.  But, I think all the bad news everywhere we turn affects us on a much deeper level than we would normally assume.

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